Saturday, August 11, 2007


Worked on an assignment, watched Dr. Who, realised I had far too much kiwifruit so made some chutney.


First day of the Fringe without a show to go to - and its raining! Right, lets game.

Becstarr: garden

Did a lot of gardening in the beautiful warm sun, and spent some quality time with Vince, the very bold, black and beautiful cat in the next flat, who's just recently started visiting me!

Jen - Family things

Four loads of washing; took Dante to soccer (Goal! Yay!); purchased a double pram; nap; dinner with my brother and fam. Bride and Prejudice on tele!


Took Dante to soccer where he scored a goal! Trying to have a mellow arvo.


Woke up to the sounds of lawn mowers and crows, its going to be a long day.


Farewelled Sam, Dad and Stepmum as they returned to Oz.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Yen Li

decided to disembark from efforts at hermitage & went to the pub. had many laughs with all involved. launched word of secret plan to have girls' night at my place for me to do manicure & pedicures for people. massage optional. p/s : great idea Jen!


Probably hired a guy; farewelled another. Al gave me a delightful pile o' lego.

Jen - First post

Took Atticus and Elora to my sister-in-law's parent's place for a play-date with Abigail. Cooked enchiladas for dinner. Listened to Elora cry for ages.