Tuesday, March 18, 2008

a Week in London

Took the train a week ago to London. Stayed with David in a lovely apartment at Canary Wharf and got to meet up with Jo, V and FD - but never FD's imaginary girlfriend, strange that :) Managed to see the Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum (queued from 8:30 to get tickets), Vortex (Noel Coward play staring Felicity Kendell) and the Tutankhamen exhibition at the 02 (what used to be called the Millennium Dome, then why did we build that?).

Ben - Takin' Care of Business

The down side of suddenly having some spare cash is I now realise just how many things I've been putting off. My broken camera, for example; marginally cheaper to get it fixed than to get a new one. Marginally. And shirts, I need proper shirts with buttons and no pictures of Aquaman. And lights for my bicycle. And power tools for... well, for doing manly things, I guess.

Man, it was cheaper being broke.

Becstarr : A great lazy start!

Spent my first day of leave mostly sleeping and reading Thursday Next / Jasper Fforde. Fan-frickin'-tastic!

After an attack from the dentist, managed to cook dinner (incl. banana pikelets!) for Marina and Karinne while K packed for 3 weeks' holiday in Europe. What am I going to do without my flatmate for so long? :)

Adventures in Stationery

I bought a gold pencil to colour in stuff (schedules/gantt charts) at work. I also discovered the existence of a double ended highlighter pen that highlights on one end, and erases highlighted stuff on the other end. How neat is that!?

Monday, March 17, 2008

Ben - Th' Reinforcin' o' th' Stereotypes

Stroke of luck; forgot St. Pat's day, but by chance wore a green shirt anyway. Depressingly, that's the most interesting thing likely to happen to me today.