Friday, August 21, 2009

falsedan - vegetarian sausages in Berlin are pretty bad

how bad are they?
Why, they're the Wurst!

Seriously, this faux-bratwurst had bits of rice in it to give the toothiness of hard bits of gristle…

Kit has reached a milestone

End of a project ... time for a new haircut.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoshe - S2K

Today is Spirit's 2000th sol* on Mars! She's old enough to go to kindy.

We're having a birthday party, and Spirit's playing in the sand (current project: examining and drilling into a soil target named Polyphemus Eye).

* A sol is a martian day, and is roughly 24 hours 39.5 minutes.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Dan ran a game

Ran my first roleplaying session in about a bajillion years last night. Discovered that google is an awesome GM's assistant for running a Vampire game.

Jaime - Feeding a baby actual food

Feeding a baby is like whack-a-mole but in reverse ... I stick by this statement.

Monday, August 17, 2009

YL - hot, cold, warm?

I had a hot summer surfing USA among other things. I put a pause on the grind of work, worrying about careers & just feeling the road running under the car while the possibility of "who knows what" approaches over the horizon. 3 packed weeks full of people, hearts and life experiences. Amazing. There is so much more to do. Not enough time!

Philosophically, where do I go next?

Job applications are now closed for next year's jobs. Who knows which direction I'm really heading in. Or am I just afraid to say it out loud? =)

Kit: Spring has sprung!

I had a nice week away from it all in Central Queensland - visited Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffat. A combination of "mountains" (Great Dividing Range), and desert weather. When I got back, I found that a jonquil has sprouted flowers; and the aphids have invaded and colonised my Ranuculus seedling.