Saturday, October 20, 2007

Moving & Celebrations

I was late for the removalists, and my poor flatmate had to interrupt his Saturday morning sleep-in to let them get started. Moved. Then got all dressed up to celebrate Yen-li's 29+ birthday. Happy birthday 'Big Sis'! Note to Hive: Iggy Pop's "Wild Child" is a good karaoke song to start with, because no singing is actually involved.

Jen - Yummy dinner

Grandma came over for lunch and the afternoon, to the boys' delight and the girl's trepidation. Bec came later to babysit and Dan and I went to Yen Li's dinner. Delicious! Thanks, YL, for a lovely evening.

Also, Elora finally worked out crawling forwards, and we discovered two more teeth up the top!

Becstarr : The wheel of feasting

Yen Li's birthday feast was on in style at a laaaaarge table at the Marigold, with a giant lazy susan, two Peking ducks, and many dishes. Squid, jellies, fish, piggies, beef, steamed chicken in lotus leaves, shitaake mushrooms, bamboo membranes... you name it! The other hit of the night was Elora, who was very charming and put up with being dandled / flown / etc around the entire table.

Karaoke after helped tamp it all down, though I couldn't manage to join the King St drinking procession that was being planned. Looking forward to hearing how it went! Thanks YL for a lovely evening. :)

falsedan - it's sunny here

Back in the lands of the living; no longer pale as a ghast, sweating & falling asleep when I sit down. Ate a proper fry-up for lunch, watched some of Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid (confusing since I started in the middle), went to the pub—still on antibiotic so enjoyed some refreshing whiskey and lemonades.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Jen - Visiting next door

Spent most of the day next door - my mother had a visitor so we hung around, too (eating the yummy lemon syrup cake she made). Elora turned 8 months today.

Evelyn - cat sitting

We're minding two lovely cats while our friend gets her apartment sorted - one is a huge fluffy ragdoll who loves having his belly rubbed; the other is a tiny bengal cat who loves hiding under the sofa or on top of the cupboard - and walking on you in the middle of the night.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dan - all work and no play

Worky worky week is wearing me out after the previous fortnight's relaxation. Played with iChat (so I can be present at a fortnightly meeting from my desk rather than in person); we got a 4 way chat going. Did the "write down all the things I need to do today and only work on those" thing, and actually got through a lot of urgent work. Quite surprised.

Happy 29++, Yen Li.

Becstarr : Solid work

Big meeting all morning to calendar 2008 for the 18 people of my workgroup, but managed solid work work work afternoon (cholesterol and diabetes cases) and evening (time-coding bioethics seminar recordings). Drinking lots of chamomile tea. Working on staying calm and focused.

Jen - The week just disappeared

Where did the week go? Thought I'd only missed a day or two but turns out it's almost a week. Having trouble remembering the earlier part of the week.

Saturday: Made potato stamps and the kids did some painting. Had a picnic lunch in the backyard.

Sunday: Taught Dante how to wash the car. Roast pork for dinner.

Monday: First day back at school and work for the D's. Hung around with Atti and Elora. Picked up Dante and co. from school and took them to gymnastics.

Tuesday: Hot, hot, hot. Hid out from the sun's rays and cursed the upstairs of my house yet again (until the southerly came through).

Wednesday: Took Atti and Elora to the paediatrician. (All's well.) Went to Ikea and a cool fabric shop in the arvo with my mother (didn't buy anything!). Took D to piano, picked up A - Dan went out for a movie after work. Happy birthday Jaime!

Thursday: Babysat my nieces this morning. Went grocery shopping this afternoon. Bought $100 worth of nappies. (Half of it for my brother!!) Happy birthday Yen Li!

falsedan - inventory


You have:
no job
no house
a screaming case of tonsillitis




Sweet dreams!

Shannon - Sooo tired

I was so tired yesterday and managed to wind up over an hour late for work. Even though it was a hard slog during the day, I still somehow made my pilates class. Thank goodness class is literally on the way from my office to the bus-stop, as the dark, cold, rainy days have set in and staying home near the proverbial hearth is the smart thing to do.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Becstarr : Yoga or swimming or something

Burst into tears at work at one point today. Think I may need some extra yoga or swimming or something. Babysat Aidan (2) and Alana (almost 5) with Dave in the evening out at Haberfield. Had a lot of fun with storytime, and got to debrief with Dave as well as have a read of Alana's last Christmas present from D: "Henrietta - there's no-one better". I definitely need a copy!

Anna : Arms Like Uncooked Spaghetti

Soreness from Monday punch-fest has kicked in and my arms won't move. Talked to Nicole last night and she's up for being in my film so I'm on track for filming at the end of October. Oh yeah, and I accidentally joined Facebook. Most people seem to be going for a profile picture that captures that ingenue / it girl look, so I decided to go for something different.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Becstarr : The crunch is telling

Feeling increasingly stressed about getting projects done on time. Talked to Ross about the LMS handover in about 10 days. Team meeting where we got told our working group reports would be considered after the planning meetings. Up-side (I think) of the day: our new computers were released, and I now have a half-set-up MacBookPro.
Saw Electroma, I highly recommend it - very roboty.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Becstarr : Tablecloth-sized bread

Spent what felt like far too much time editing a dodgy doctor's name out of a recording from a very interesting session from the bioethics seminar. It will be a great resource, if we get permission to put it up, but man, sound editing is teh suxx0r! Stupid defamation laws. I think people (and corporations) have way too much protection.

After work: Combat, then tablecloth-sized Leb bread & tabbouli wraps, and some Bro'town. I can't believe I like it so much when a few weeks ago I could barely understand what they were saying!

Kit: Definitely no geek here, no sir-ree

Got a new laptop with a digital tv tuner. wondered why I couldn't pick up any tv signals even when I scanned twice. Then realised I had plugged the aerial cord into the power supply input.

Ben - Back again

Holidays over. Did very little - stayed with family, came home, did a little swimming, tidied up around the garden. Those of you with kids, don't get divorced; it'll really ruin your kids' holiday plans to have to visit both of you.

Anyway, back at Uni and planning for second prac. Should be fun.

Anna : Busy Weekend

Friday : Kate's "Toy Box" Party in the Blue Mountains. Guy went as "Blind Pew" the Pirate with two eye patches, I went as a very dready troll doll. Lot's of dancing in the kitchen to freestylin' guitar and talking to "Kate's Party" Stephen who I only see once a year. Highlight of the evening? Random B.M person drunkenly gushing about how beautiful Guy and I were.

Saturday : First hangover in months, they are just as bad as I remember them, and Belgium Waffles for breakfast. Then back to the city to pull ourselves together and put in an appearance at Leon's 1920s party. MORE dancing, this time to supermergatroid swing beats. Highlight of the evening? Leon's tux, complete with gorgeous white stripey waistcoat, care of the David Jones Formal Wear department.

Sunday : Half hearted cleaning, film organisation and Playstation. Free vegan indian treats from Claudette downstairs as thanks for letting her store stuff in our fridge the night before and lots of searching the web for classy dames for FD's SB buddies. Highlight of the evening? Apparently one of the SB buddies had never encounted Louise Brooks and now he's in love. Silent Film Brunettes REPRESENT!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Becstarr : Maple muesli and roo burgers

Left J in peace to cartoon and wandered home to toast muesli with maple syrup. Roo burgers and strawberry icecream for dinner, along with the new ABC show The Abbey-- good stuff!

Yen Li - Rome, ObGyn, On Sale Now!

Rome - was the awesome. Was just amazing. Grandma in wheelchair = no need to queue for the Vatican at from 7am to get in at 10am. Completely by accident. She had a blast. Mahjong and chinese dinner every night. Being pushed around by loving granddaughter & up steep hills. And museum folk very accomodating and extra helpful letting us through special doors and up lifts. Viva Roma! However, traffic = insane & unsafe. Look 4 ways before crossing.

ObGyn - 8 weeks to go. Looks interesting. 7.30am starts not interesting. But grateful they are at RPA and not (for example) out at Westmead. Happy that it is 8 weeks to go! Almost almost ALMOST done with medicine degree. The Grind Part 1 is almost over. Realisation that my first full time job is at age 30. Eeeeep! And I have to be responsible, ethical, upright, moral, effecient and polite. Crap. But ok I get money for it. =) lol.

On Sale! - If you know anyone interested in a 3BR 2.5Bathroom 2 Car space apartment, let me know! I will send you the property link. Lol. After weeks of deprived sleep and packing & sorting & lifting, new carpets, fixed windows, praying for gorgeous weather, painted walls and display furniture ... viola! a gorgeous apartment is now ready for sale. Today was the first day of pre-liminary viewings (with only mailing list advertising) and we got 2 groups who were interested & could afford! Prospects are looking good at this early stage. Hope for more good buyers next week. For Auction.