Saturday, September 22, 2007

falsedan - plethora

I have easy access to internet ATM, so unburdening my backlog:

2007-09-11 Saw Withnail & I as part of the local cinema chain's celebration of British films. Thought we would look a bit derro for bringing cans of Stella into the theatre, then noticed at the end of the film that the other people in our row had finished off two bottles of red.

2007-09-18 Had lunch with Moondiamond at the Prospect of Whitby, forgot to give him his book back.

just then Watched a German Shepherd stalk a squirrel in Shepherds Bush Green.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Becstarr : Partyplanning

Pub yielded further plans for a Wisemans Ferry / St Albans 1-day bikeride next Monday (public holiday), and for Eugene's housewarming (Sat 6th Oct, details coming soon). We also had a still-hyped-from-jetlag Karinne, fresh from the US.

Jen - A week of hiding out

Spent all week recovering from the Canberra trip and hiding from the online world.

Monday: We all slept lots. Loads and loads of washing.
Tuesday: Hanging around at home. Finished knitting the cardigan!
Wednesday: Mama and Papa went away for another holiday (just up to Nelson's Bay). Took D to his piano lesson.
Thursday: A quick jaunt to Bankstown shopping centre. Elora lost a sock. Bought nappies. Cooked dinner.
Friday: Quiet day with the two kids. Atti made a new friend at the park. Caught up on my RSS feeds and this blog :)

Anna : Searing Stress Shoulders

Exceptionally long day (6.30 start, 30 minutes on the rowing machine, complete with first rowing blister in 8 years, work, work, work, 16 laps of the pool and then over the bridge for film meeting with the Peach Production girls, back home and into bed around 11.30) followed by fitful and disturbed sleep.

Highlight of my night? A nightmare about a box of scorpion spiders stinging and biting my hands. What's a scorpion spider? Trust me, you don't want to know.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Becstarr : Dusk run

Dave bullied me into actually going on our planned after-work run despite the cold and drizzle. I managed 6 laps of the Sydney Park oval and it started coming back to me that running is very much a mind-game... convincing yourself to keep going is much harder than the actual act! We met up with Wei for a cheap Vietnamese dinner afterwards. I slept exceptionally well. :)

Evelyn - Cycling at dusk

The sun setting has moved so much earlier so quickly. Last night I took the bus home instead of walking so we'd have time to go for a bike ride before it got dark. We found yet another park - Edinburgh is so pretty sometimes.

Ben - Huh?

Writing a essay. Actually a) learning something through writing it and b) kind of enjoying it.

I'm sure it'll pass.

Oh, and for the record, I did like the new Master. He lacks some of the gravitas of former Masters, but makes up for it through sheer psychosis and moustache-twirling nastiness. Looking forward to the season finale.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Becstarr : Rmv BETH guilt

Built a lovely simple 5-qu, ~5min site eval survey for the Bioethics sites and popped it into 3 of them. Now to see if anyone uses it! (there's only about 48 students all up atm).

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Becstarr : Massed choir

Dinner at Wagamamas with the sibs, then off to the Basement to see Mum perform with her a cappella group Voices on the Waters at a fundraiser choir night for the Sydney Street Choir (like Melbourne's Choir of Hard Knocks). It was a fun evening, and good to have time with the family before everyone starts heading off. Rach leaves for Ireland next month and Jess is aiming for London soon. Christmas looks like being a lot smaller this year... so got to make the most of having them here now!

Dan - the boys* are back in town

So, we're back in town. All are tired and cranky. New staff member started, so hopefully more stuff will get done. Got my new Mac Mini yesterday. 'Tis very shiny.

*And girls, of course

Anna : New Job

Back at work, 2nd day at ICT, names that I have known for years are getting faces to go with them. I have a temporary computer, a phone on order and I've been desk squatting at for the last two days and will have to shift tomorrow when the desks owner comes back to work. On the plus side I am going to take advantage of my new "Gym Adjacent" location and go for a swim this afternoon after work.

Kit: Tech Deprived and nearing the end of a Holiday

Have arrived back in Berkeley after nearly three weeks on the road, and no 'net access, and no mobile phone coverage. ARGH! I guess Yosemite National Park is one of the last bastions of "we don't want 'em hick mobile transmitters 'ere. They might affect thar' bears or sometink". Plus I saw a BEAR!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Becstarr : Now five jumpkicks!

Small but extremely vocal Combat class tonight. RAR! Definitely helps to get the week started well. We had the locally-famous (in the WebCT world) Peter Love in this morning to start scoping our middleware project. He showed us the admin interfaces he's put on UWS and UNSWs' systems and we were drooling! Can't wait to move to something more functional and efficient, so we can spend less time hand-formatting data.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jen - Canberra trip

Thursday - Busy day: Dan went to Canberra Wed night so I had to drop the kids off at school. Had morning tea with work colleagues, lunch with an old friend in the city, then walked from Martin Place to Holme Building via Broadway so Elora could have her immunisations. Picked up the kids, drove home, fed and bathed them, packed our bag and the car and drove three and a quarter hours to meet up with Dan. It took Atti 75 minutes to fall asleep and Dante 15 minutes! Arrived at a quarter past midnight... Elora woke up at Goulburn and cried almost all the way to Canberra. The boys were too excited to sleep and didn't quieten down until after 1am. Ack!

Friday - Tired and raining: Boys woke up at 6:30am. Tried to get them to go back to sleep but ended up turning on ABC Kids and went back to bed. After breakfast the younger two went down for naps and we finally left the motel a little before 11am, taking my mother to the railway station so she could train back to Sydney (she came for the drive, to help me out... not much of an exciting trip for her). Bought lunch and had a picnic in the back of the car beside Lake Burley Griffin (it was cold, windy and rainy... compared to 28° in Sydney!), then had a lazy afternoon in the motel room while A and E napped again. Dan came home a little early and we had takeaway Chinese for dinner. Ready for bed by 9:30pm.

Saturday - Questacon: Yay! Questacon day! Dante was excited and unable to control his actions... we almost didn't go 'cause he was so troublesome. Met my cousin Cecelia Mary and her son Seth and had a wonderful time at the Questacon. Dan met us up at lunch time (and incidentally we bumped into another distant cousin - small world). The two Ds stayed on while the rest of us went home for naps. Picked up some Oportos and went to Cecelia's place for dinner, driving along the "Limit of Maps" (she's in a new suburb).

Sunday - Floriade and home: Everyone slept in this morning. Then while we were having a leisurely breakfast, an annoyed housekeeper knocked on the door wondering why we hadn't checked out as she really needed to clean the room right then! Dan had already cleared a late check-out with reception so we sent her away, although the whole affair did get us moving, packing and clearing up. Went to Floriade and looked at all the lovely flowers, had lunch, then went to the Art Gallery. None of Ian's artworks were up and the Fog Sculpture was off. Disappointing. But bumped into a family friend from Sydney, and Dan had fun in the shop. 'Twas a long tiring drive home. The kids slept until Goulburn and then Elora screamed and screamed, and Atticus yelled and yelled until I finally got Dan to stop (two cars - me with all the kids) at Pheasant's Nest. Moved Atti into the other car, fed Elora and the drive home was much more relaxing. Phew.

Jaime - Bang Zoom straight to the moon

Found a new place that is far less crapulant. Transfered internet and hydro over. Talked to the current landlord and squared it with him we were moving. Thankfully there was no major tears over it. Packing (again) ahead.

Shannon - Membership has its privileges

Rob's mum is in town from Pennsylvania, so Jaime and I took them the Museum of Anthropology. As I technically work there*, we all got in for free.

*The Museum looks down on the Archaeology folk as illegitimate cousins from the wrong side of the tracks.

Yen Li - 1 day at a time?

It's been an interesting 7 days. I dont think I'd repeat it again but it was at least interesting. I passed my psych practical long case which is good. Just the written to go on Wed. And then life proceeds.

Well life is sorta proceeding anyway. I think if I just take it one day at a time and dont think about the future or how happy/unhappy I'm going to be, it wont matter so much. Yes, denial and just dont think about it. Yay for poor coping skills.