Saturday, January 19, 2008

Eugene - ART!

It has been a weekend of Sydney Festival for Kim and I. Started yesterday with a free event at Darling Harbour called Water Fools. Being free we were early to get good seats. Being raining, we also got wet. So sitting for 2 hours plus for the delayed show to start did not left us in the best mood but the show was fun and impressive nonetheless and the weather was nice enough to give us no rain for the duration of the performance.

This morning we got up extra early to trek out to Martin Place to see if we could score some Tix for Nix, a promotion Sydney Festival has on to encourage more people attending these things rather than paying the $50-80 prices that is standard for each show. We rock up about half hour before the booking office opens and line was already quite extensive such that, by the time it got to us, everything was sold out down to our 4th (and last) choice, Mortal Engine.

So have just got back from that and have got to recommend those still in Sydney to go see it. It is a contemporary dance piece but the visual and audio elements were amazing and were much more engaging than the usual subjective chaos that is contemporary dance. Signal and noise; light and shadow - amazing show.

Guy - Is it safe?

I'm all out of painkillers and the world is a scary place. If someone recommends having your wisdom teeth out as a good idea for a holiday, don't listen to them. 

Thursday, January 17, 2008

David - Waiting for Godot...

So, here I am - still sitting in Portsmouth waiting for my IT dept. to actually deliver the application so I can get involved in testing and hopefully fly to London at some point in the next decade.

Ho hum...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Becstarr : Grandaddy and his glory

Work was suX0r, but I worked off the agression with a run at the gym and after a restorative burgerlicious (zorba wrap, recommended!) was able to get into the character creation evening for Joe's upcoming Pendragon game. I've got the remarkably bearlike pagan knight Ursul to start with; still need to find a good name for dad and grandaddy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

YL - back in Sydney & intern orientation

Made it through 2 days of non stop lectures from 8am-5pm complete with 30min talks on handwashing and 1 hr on disaster training (so to speak). But I think I know how to fill in the complex national medication chart now!

Also met some lovely new people & hopefully new friends. All UNSW people. God knows the USyd ones keep to their own groups. Lol. 2 more days of lectures to go. Is it a consolation that one is getting paid?

My ID badge picture is great! And it says "Dr" and "Medical Officer" *beam* 7 weeks to go to full validity! Woot.

Becstarr : Finally, the Harbour seems beautiful

Caught the Jellie's wonderful news and headed off in high spirits for an overdue catchup with Dave. Big walk from his place in Darlo down to Mrs Macquarie's Chair. I've never really understood the thing most people have about the harbour being beautiful (I prefer a less developed skyline myself :), but this particular evening was dark and quiet and lovely. I got it. :)

Kit - Stress Relief

Stress relief antidote to working long hours? Head home and spend an hour or so brewing up some pumpkin soup.

Anna : Another Brick in the Wall

Was _definitively_ productive today. Trying to catch up and clean up after the busy shambles I became at the end of last year running after my big ITIL vs ICT Training Project.

Highlight of the day was this morning in yoga class when I made the transition between Child's Pose with arms stretched forward and Cobra Pose without face planting OR belly flopping!

Link of the day! (Mostly SFW but does contain underwear clad bottoms) :

Monday, January 14, 2008

Anna : Breathe!

I think I got a lot of work done today ... or maybe I just artfully procrastinated ... not sure. I had a large coffee earlier in the day and now I feel a bit panicky. Thankfully boxing starts up again today, boxing solves all ills!

Also, cooked a lamb and red lentil dhal over the weekend and the lid coming off the paprika bottle was a very delicious accident!

Shannon: Ballet + Flamenco = Ouch

So yesterday I went back to my first flamenco class since the Christmas break. I have also enrolled for the Dancer Training class (essentially ballet+ sit-ups, weights) immediately before the flamenco class. So I got a solid two hour work out, which was awesome. But today I woke up this morning to find out that all my muscles have sent me a manifesto demanding that they get to ache and throb for another day before they'll go back to work.

Jaime - Feeling through the weather

I must have caught whatever Evelyn has when we talked to her the other week, cause thanks to my throat being crapulent, Shannon accuses me of having Evelyn's squeaky voice (I swear, I was only borrowing it).

Jaime - Feeling through the weather

I must have caught whatever Evelyn has when we talked to her the other week, cause thanks to my throat being crapulent, Shannon accuses me of having Evelyn's squeaky voice (I swear, I was only borrowing it).

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Becstarr : Job abbloblication

Muggy day, catchup with cousin Andrew and still-new wife Linda, then home for what feels like hours and hours writing YA last-minute job app. I hates them.... but at least it keeps my hand in. I think I should at least get an interview. Thanks to G&A for pointing this one out!