Friday, September 19, 2008

Ben - Exhausted

I had 5000 words worth of assignments due this week, which I just finished. Not one 5000 word assignment, that would be too easy, no, two 1500 wd essays and two 1000 wd. There is now just one short online German quiz between myself and some well-earned beer.

If I learned nothing else, I learned that that I hate referencing. Fortunately, when actually working as a primary teacher, you can steal all the ideas you want and nobody cares.

I also cooked up some homemade marscapone on Tuesday. It's very nice, and surprisingly easy to make.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

YL - reno almost done

Reno almost done. Looking at moving over the long weekend. Blargh. I dont want to pack anymore! I feel like I've been packing non-stop since Sept last year. Grrr. But on the up side, the apt is looking great!

p/s : being sick is the suck. Night shifts are going well.

Dan - scootin'

Figured I try a new way of getting Dante to school on time - riding the razor scooters from Redfern up to school. Figured I'd save 5 minutes or so, and thus get to school on time. But, no dice. Not only did we get The Slowest Train Ever, once we got scooting, Dante had to stop every couple of minute for a rest or a drink or because the Moon was in the Seventh House and Jupiter was aligned with Mars.

So, we got to school late anyway, and I think taking the scooters saved us about 30 seconds. Don't think I'll bother with that plan again.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

(Guy) They'll be fiiiine.... right?

The year 11s do their Preliminary HSC exam tomorrow. I'm going to be pleasantly surprised, right? Right?

Kit needs to read the fine print

I went to see Bill Bailey yesterday. Except that I thought it was at the Sydney Theatre (like last time), and not the State Theatre. I only found out after having dinner at the Lord Nelson, and with 20 minutes to go to the show. Oops!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Becstarr : Packing

On Thursday the plan for me to move into Joel's place got a bump forward by about a month as another flatmate heads out much earlier than exected. Started packing on Sunday and am realising once again just how much Stuff I have. Luckily Karinne is in "ruthless" mode as well and is spurring me on to chuck! recycle! and generally clear the decks.

I'll move my clothes and stuff next Sunday, and the "real" move will be in a few more weeks. Meantime the hall is going to be Box Central again!

Big brother taxman

Have started doing my tax for this year, and one thing you can do now is get the etax software to pull all your bank account interests and pay details off the net. Efficient ... yet also a bit spooky.