Saturday, January 12, 2008

Evelyn - Sick Days

Just spent two days home sick (seems there are at least two viruses sweeping the country), so now I'm addicted to Dexter. Damn, will the next episode hurry up and download!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Becstarr : So many others!

Spent all Friday in a conference room at very schmancy Shangri-La down at the Rocks at a vendor-sponsored APAC Users' Group for Blackboard. I wasn't sure how if it was going to be worth it (we haven't been involved before), but it definitely was! 20+ other unis / TAFEs represented. Very little hype, as far as I could tell. Met the support people. Next one in April.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Becstarr : Back to a seam-bulging office

Back to work, with a bunch of new people and returnees (from secondments etc). The office feels much fuller than other Januaries! Brain slowly coming out of holiday-mode, and it feels OK.... though I have started booking my next few breaks already (and discovered my contract is up on Jan 31st in the process! Yikes!).

Anna : Trying to forget the taste of chocolate ...

... apparently it can be done, if you don't have chocolate for long enough. Also trying not to be too jealous of Mr. McCulloch's extended summer holiday.

David - Leadership for a New Tomorrow

Back in New Hampshire continuing my ongoing theme of not spending time in New York! The tele is wall to wall New Hampshire Primary ads. Thank heavens they vote today and the insanity should alleviate until a Presidential candidate is picked. Still an outside chance I will be in London by the weekend.

Monday, January 7, 2008

YL - 2008 already?

Had a great time relaxing in Berlin. An actual holiday instead of a working one with my grandma. I'm pleased to be finished with 2008. Hopefully we can all look forward to an equally interesting/better year?

Evelyn - GoodReads

Think I'm catching Tancred's cold, so spent the weekend at home on the web - started a bookshelf at GoodReads in an attempt to read more (and spend less time pfaffing around on the web).

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Becstarr : Peaches for breakfast

Well, peaches for brunch actually, and choose-your-own-adventure omelettes. Karinne and I put on brunch for some fine people including Hugh, KC and the fantastic Mr Sheely, back over from UWA for the holidays. Catching up with Stephen was a very wonderful, and on reflection, was the best possible way to get myself mentally ready to return to work the next day. Feels like 2008 is starting to get into gear...