Saturday, December 29, 2007

Becstarr : Pickernicker

Annual Guy & Joe -fest in the park, which included saber fights, Coke chicken, skittles knocked over with footies, manifold frisbees, international and intersuburban guests, one baby out and one on the way, and a giant patchwork of quilts. Hurrah!


I got my new ipod yesterday. Its a shiny silver Classic (80gb). Which means it plays video so no longer will I see those listings of video podcasts and be constrained to watch them at my desk. And if I could get my calendar to actually export its contents instead of just a 0kb vcal file, I could synch that on my Ipod too.

Did I mention how shiny it is?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Holidays

My company decided to be very nice and give everyone Monday off (without charging us a days hols), and I won an ipod at the company xmas party raffle.

Tancred is sick, so have spent the last two days at home not being a particularly good nurse (can't quite get the hang of Age of Empires), watching Arrested Development, and eating too much (great roast beef, a little over-cooked roast pork but damn that was some fine crackling).

Jen - Merry Xmas y'all

Things have been busy hectic and chaotic... even more so than usual, combined with illness coming and going. Having a quiet day after a December filled with parties.

W00t - A Snowy Christmas!

We had a little Christmas miracle here with snow falling in the middle of Christmas Day. We went out and had a little wander round in the snow before it turned to rain. Had a nice, relaxing Christmas. Only the second time I've ever cooked turkey but it turned out great (brining is the secret!).

Dan - Xmas hijinks

Roaring, howling maelstroms of Xmas fun rolled over our house as we had a Burn (yesterday) and then a Wong(today) Xmas. Lots of kids had too much sugar and too much excitement, and so they haven't been sleeping. Since Atty's illness a couple of weeks ago, and since we've been weaning him off his anticonvulsants, he's been shockingly cranky all the time. Pretty much seem that by 10am he's over it all and ready for bed again. I'm hoping he'll be better soon.

Anyways, lots of awesome presents all round - Dante got RC cars (that's right, 2 of them), the boys got walkie talkies and a big cubby house, Jen got a DS game, and I got Lego.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kit - Viewing the Christmas Lights

Drove out and around the 'burbs, viewing the Christmas lights. The Daily Terror had mentioned one particular street out west that was good: it was just one house, with mini nativity scenes, moving reindeer/donkey, mini house light up with lights in one window, and a snow scene in another. We thought that was quite good, until by chance we came upon a whole street's worth. There were many milling people, and three ice cream/snowcone/mr whippy vans ready to capitalise on small children.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Becstarr : It's a go-slow and I think I like it

Saw off the Tarlings with an early start for the big drive up to Bellingen, and after that big rush of departure, everything suddenly fell quiet. Spent the day getting used to going slower (soon I may even stop apologising for it!) and was happy to have made it to lunch with Ann, Rob and baby Bella (almost crawling now) and to Mum's for dinner with extended family guests. I could have easily fallen asleep at 3pm but it's good to spend Christmas in at least a little bit of a crowd!