Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jaime - reintegrating into society

I'm still recovering from my long weekend of PAX and things are still a bit wobbly. Saw a lot of good upcoming games and played a lot of boardgames including the new BSG expansion, very cool. Also I drank a lot at the Taphouse. I advise anyone considering going to PAX to do it, much more fun than going to Vegas.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kit - life, work update

1. Slight moment of panic this morning, as I thought I had locked myself in the secure garage, without house keys or car keys to get out. Just as I was thinking of breaking the car window to get to the roller door controller ... I found my keys. Phew!

2. In my absence from work last week (acting Dr Frankenstein), coffee truck 1 has stopped coming, and coffee truck 2 (who had given up the battle of wooing us in the month before), was less than interested in shafting his regulars for a quick profit with us less than loyal coffee drinkers.

3. Blooming Greystanes library must be the *only* library without an after-hours returns chute.