Thursday, July 31, 2008

[Guy] Gettin' there...

I had a girl thank me today. She just got a job and she said that all that interview practise we did meant that she could sit there and make shit up with ease.

Now that's an education! (No refunds.)

Also, I'm totally allowed to make a wall of Cat and Girl comics in my classroom right?

Shannon: First Day

So yesterday was the first day of my new job as Application User Support for the Office of Learning Technology, UBC. Everyone seems nice. Shiny new building with air conditioning (luxury!).

No, they didn't give me an iphone, but they did give me a shiny new macbook pro!

Dan - busybusy

Still recovering from Monday and Tuesday's barrage of "Let's change everything" meetings. Finally getting a bit organized at home, too. I've got a List now, so I'm Doing Things.

Have my iPhone now, and it's tops. I advise getting one. I also advise having work pay for it. It's great for quick pics of kids playing.

Becstarr : Semester kicks in!

This is the first week of semester and yesterday was Re-O-Day, with lots of college girls running around with glitter and goon bags, their initials (I assume) in pink zinc on their foreheads, and underwear on the outside.

The energy around the place is good, ranging from frenetic (earlier in the week) and starting to settle to Let's Get Started For Real! now.