Friday, February 22, 2008

Happy Days

Looking forward to a long weekend in Melbourne, and lots of food & wine festival events. Expect to come back looking like a stuffed piglet.

Went past the deli on the way to work. Bought 4 coffees, and had 2 spare. I almost was, tempted to auction them off, but wouldn't have survived the scrum.

Dan - end of a long week

Spent today catching up on all the stuff I hadn't done throughout the week. Got one staff member finishing up next Wednesday, on going part time (10hrs) as of today; made a semi-job-offer yesterday; argued about Active Directory across the Uni, and whether Macs should be allowed on the network. Glad to have a weekend; annoyed it's not going to be warm.

Anna : Tired

Awesome boxing session on Wednesday (Paul brought torso sized pads and for the last round we paired up and then put our shoulders together and PUSHED!) and an early start on Thursday let me feeling pretty tired. My boss caught me having a big old yawn and commented that I looked exhausted. By 10.30 I had come down with chronic presentee-ism and decided that I might as well go home sick and catch some "ZZZ"s. Three hour nap and then a follow up 10 hours has left me feeling only vaguely human.

Let's hear it for Friday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

YL - 2 weeks to go & markets

And more importantly, even though it was WAY after hours, and I dont get paid ... I think I made a difference today. Actually I definitely made a difference on Tue and again today. The long hard slog has indeed been worth it.

Anyone wants to go to the markets on Sat? Like Paddington market? I bought a pale yellow dial phone today at the RPA market! I feel the urge to shop for beautiful things.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

YL - coffee and strings

Blah. Got confirmation for trial violin lesson in Coffs on Mon evening but snapped my A string trying to tune it tonight! Grrrr. Need shop to fix it. Must travel to Chatswood.

Learned today that there's decent free coffee at Blacktown Hospital!! And 2 new doctor/friends who I spent "working" day with, took time to ask about my past over lunch. Then marvelled & complimented me. Oh awww.

Dan - Indiana Jones Lego

Took the day off work because I spent half of last night coughing (Joe was right; I should've been a smoker - I'd feel more justified in having lungs like this). Went in to pick up the kids this afternoon, and found on the way in that Indiana Jones Lego was in the shops. And 15% off. Got this and this. Also, the gadget shop in burwood has a closing down sale going on, and I got a dog shaped webcam for $3 (among other silly things). Haven't made it work yet, though. Will need to find drivers. Interviewing potential new staff tomorrow.

Coffee drought

Coffee drought endures. People here are wilting. There was a tone of outrage this morning when my boss asked me "Where did you get your coffee from?", and I had to admit that I stopped in at Maccas en-route to work.

Ben - New Job

Yesterday I went for what I thought was a job interview; instead they handed me an apron and told me to get started. Just kitchenhanding, 12 hours pw, but even after taxes this should come close to doubling my income. On the down side, I will no longer to use poverty as an excuse for not wearing any pants.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dan - lots o' coughing

The cough I was whining about last week is still here. The good news is that we got through our first full week of everyone managing to go to work and school and childcare! No Rubella (did I mention Elora had Rubella?). No random vomiting in the car, nothing - everyone went to all their appointed school and work appointments. Maybe next week we can even get there on time.

Elora's turning 1 on tuesday, so we had a small Yum Cha today to celebrate. She figured out how to blow a kiss today, but she does it like she actually kisses - with mouth wide open and tongue out. Which is kind of creepy.

Hurrah for a Sorry at last too. Finally a government that doesn't make me feel ashamed to be Australian.

Ben - Back to work

It's been a dull last couple of weeks of holidays, what with the weather keeping me from the beach. Back to Uni tomorrow.

David - Charge!!!!!!

I finally recalled the perfect poem for how my job is right now...

Cannon to right of them,
Cannon to left of them,
Cannon in front of them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with shot and shell,
Boldly they rode and well,
Into the jaws of Death,
Into the mouth of Hell

The Charge of the Light Brigade! Pretty much what we are doing in going to London right now.

Oh - and the winner is me - I now have the record for the longest stay at the New York Millennium Hilton and the Portsmouth Garden Inn Hilton. 48 & 41 days respectively.