Sunday, February 17, 2008

Dan - lots o' coughing

The cough I was whining about last week is still here. The good news is that we got through our first full week of everyone managing to go to work and school and childcare! No Rubella (did I mention Elora had Rubella?). No random vomiting in the car, nothing - everyone went to all their appointed school and work appointments. Maybe next week we can even get there on time.

Elora's turning 1 on tuesday, so we had a small Yum Cha today to celebrate. She figured out how to blow a kiss today, but she does it like she actually kisses - with mouth wide open and tongue out. Which is kind of creepy.

Hurrah for a Sorry at last too. Finally a government that doesn't make me feel ashamed to be Australian.

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Yen Li said...

Elora = adorable!

Get well soon.