Friday, May 23, 2008

Becstarr : Australia's Biggest Morning Tea (win!)

Yesterday was Australia's Biggest Morning Tea, and when I got out from morning yoga I was urged by the gym staff to have tea and cake and buy tickets in their ABMT raffle. I was pointed towards the very tasty madeira cake ("made by one of the members. He's single actually, and I think he's looking for a lady, so if you like the cake, come back and I'll give you his details!"). Cake for breakfast and free matchmaking - what more could a girl ask for in the morning?

And: this morning I got a call to say I'd won lunch for 2 at the Grandstand in the raffle. Woo!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anna : Done myself a harm

Oh noes! All the good luck that has been coming my way for the last month or so has finally been evened out, last night at boxing I felt a "pop" and it turns out I've got "Tennis Leg". I've torn some of the fibers in my left calf and can't walk. Have been to the physio and it's not too serious and I should be able to walk unaided in 10 days or so. TO THE COUCH!

Becstarr : Samudra

Getting organised for the holiday (and wondering whether I'm ready enough, and whether I have time to get everything done that needs to be done at work, etc etc) has got me a bit stressed. The positive in this is that it got me to morning yoga today for the first time in ages! The teacher was a new person (Darsh, I think?) and I found the class excellent. It was a gentle class rather than a tough one (cf Bree) - the word we heard a lot of was "compassion" - but it really was exactly what I needed.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Went to the launch of the new 1 series last night. Weird mindless champagne-fueled fun of lookign at shiny motor vehicles, odd alien-like models in bizzare shoes and peopel who can or pretend to be able to afford hideously expensive vehicles. Could have left it at that, but then my date won one of the shiny specimens for the weekend. I reckon we're goign down to mogo. Pic of me in said vehicle on FB. SHINY!

So very tiredI don'

I don't think I ever want to be part of a site move again

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

falsedan - orkobogre

The cheap soy sauce I bought is value-packed with loads of MSG, so I am having strange dreams about wars in Victoria park and orkobogres.

Shoshe -- School's out!

I handed in my last problem set/take home exam on Thursday :) Now it's time for summer research, and actually enjoying this town (they tell me there's a town somewhere outside my office).

Yesterday we woke up early (despite the power going out and resetting the alarm clock) and went to a Local Producers brunch at the local nature center. Mmm, pancakes, homefries, and scrambled eggs with spinach and asparagus! We stayed on for the Mushroom Workshop, and spent a few hours drilling and hammering small mycelium-covered dowels into several logs, and covering the holes with cheese wax. We now have a shiitake-innoculated log sitting in our balcony's shed-thing! Then we went to the farmers' market for a late lunch (just before it closed at 3pm), then to the hardware store for planters and potting mix so I can plant herbs and lettuce when we get back from holiday, then to the supermarket, then to a store where we failed to find socks for me, then to the bookstore where we got a guidebook for our holiday, and then back home where I made applesauce (I got a bunch of apples at the SUPRA-equivalent's end-of-year free bbq) and used the bread machine to make dough for pizzas. By the end of the day we were tired! I think I also cleaned part of the kitchen in there somewhere. And I got to tell one of my students that she got the top score on the final exam :) And she and I found out that she went to my high school.

Kit ponders - Where do all the teaspoons go?

Relocated to a new work location in May 2007, and there was a new building fitout. New 2-drawer dishwashers, full set of plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs and glasses. Within six months, all barr two of the teaspoons had disappeared. Where did they go? I know I was hoarding 1 teaspoon of my own (I brought it in from home), so that I wouldn't ever be teaspoonless.

So I went round to all the vinnies stores in the local area, and managed to scrounge a couple, including a "padstow public school commerative 50th anniversary teaspoon". But on the whole - even the vinnies stores had a lack of teaspoons. Knives, forks aplenty. But spoons? Not on your life.

Where do they go? Is there a ghoul that eats them as a snack?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Becstarr : Roadtrip to the Capital

Went on a roadtrip to Canberra this weekend with Karinne and J to see the Monet-Turner exhibition. We stayed in a youth hostel in Civic with a crazy empty-nester lady who kept on waking up to eat VERY CRUNCHY chips in the middle of the night. On Sunday we went to the fantastic National Museum and I'm looking forward to a few more visits!

Two thumbs up!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dan - the kids party down

Went to the school Disco at Dante's school, and the kids went off! All three had a fantastic time dancing; Elora doing her classic 'Duck and Wave" dance, Atty running around squealing, and Dante "breakdancing" (ie. doing a rather lyrical interpretive dance). I was actually really impressed with D's dancing skills - it was actually pretty good. The woman he seemed to be trying to woo (I think she was the girlfriend of one of the aftercare staff) commented to be afterwards that he was really talented.