Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kit ponders - Where do all the teaspoons go?

Relocated to a new work location in May 2007, and there was a new building fitout. New 2-drawer dishwashers, full set of plates, bowls, cutlery, mugs and glasses. Within six months, all barr two of the teaspoons had disappeared. Where did they go? I know I was hoarding 1 teaspoon of my own (I brought it in from home), so that I wouldn't ever be teaspoonless.

So I went round to all the vinnies stores in the local area, and managed to scrounge a couple, including a "padstow public school commerative 50th anniversary teaspoon". But on the whole - even the vinnies stores had a lack of teaspoons. Knives, forks aplenty. But spoons? Not on your life.

Where do they go? Is there a ghoul that eats them as a snack?


shoshe said...

Once at Physics we went so far as to have a teaspoon amnesty -- people could return the teaspoons that had been sitting in their offices, no questions asked. I can't remember if it worked though!

Krin said...

There's a study published in the British Medical Journal of the Half-Life of the Office Teaspoon. It was conducted by a Melbourne medical research centre that kept losing its teaspoons as well.
Its an interesting and amusing study, that spawned a number of related studies including the Half-life of the Office Fork.

becstarr said...

Yes! In my last office (where I worked with Krin, actually), we kept having to buy new forks in.

For good teaspooon shopping opportunties, I recommend the King St Vinnies. I had to stock up recently, and found a bunch of nice ones there.

The High Priestess said...

Oh no! Does that mean I'll have to scrounge for my spoons in the near future?

Found the link to the British Medical Journal: