Friday, February 15, 2008

Anna : Give it a rest

After a long week of early starts and constant fussing, Friday became "give yourself a break" day, bit of a sleep in, bit of a long lunch, bit of a chin wag with a co-worker, a couple of meetings that went very well and now off for a bit of a beer!

David - Waiting for the Miracle...

You know you are in trouble when Leonard Cohen songs strike you as upbeat.

Still in Portsmouth - but pretty sure that I will be in London by Sunday night. No matter what happens we are getting on that plane. Even if the system melts down when you hit the "go" button.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

YL - More fires, gym class, making new friends is kinda bizzare

Ok well everyone knows Broadway shopping center caught on fire. Big news at the hospital. Everyone looked at me and went "will you be able to go home this time"? Lol. Hilarious. I swear I am in fight/flight mode still. Half expecting the world to come crashing down in a physical sense.

Back at the gym now. Still dont think I can do 6.30am classes (kudos Kim) or boxing (kudos Anna & Joe). But working on it. Attended BodyPump which was good. Went to BodyJam and was totally 2 left footed for half of it. Also went swimming at Coogee Sun afternoon after dropping parents off at airport, planning another beach thing this weekend.

Making new friends is kind of bizzare. Especially doctor ones. You guys know a fair bit of the stuff I've been through. We've got history together. You guys know I'm crazy. These new people ... dont know me. Should / Can I hide this craziness? Is it even possible anyway. Maybe it's too late. I dont think I could be anything else but what I am ... and what I am ... is it a bad thing anyway? Maybe they're just normal people. Is that also even possible? I'm sure you guys dont judge me ... do you? will they? Questions without answers.

But hey at least they arent looking at me sideways like the med school students! Or looking down on me. Well not that I can tell ...

Monday, February 11, 2008

falsedan - frost is killing all the flowers that sprung early because it was warm and they though it was spring

It's my dad's birthday today, I think he is 200 or something.

Shoshe - Trivia, grading and COLD

This weekend my officemate (who conveniently lives around the corner) roped a bunch of us in to a 50-hour trivia competition. It was crazy and fun, and B and I made it through about 15 hours over two days. I tried to do some of my uni work over the weekend, but it feels like all I've accomplished is grading. And right now it's 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-15.5C)! Yesterday it was a few degrees above freezing. Weather here confuses me.

Withdrawal bites hard

Stinking coffee truck is still a no-show. That's 4 working days without it. Had to make a break for it at lunchtime, and head for the deli (15km round trip) to get some caffienated nectar.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Adventures in Time

Turns out the highlight of my day was wrestling with a clock - and if you care enough you can read the over long version at my blog.

It now appears that our IT strategy is to hope that the pixies at the bottom of the garden are going to sprinkle pixie dust and make everything better.

In other news it has been snowing for 3 days now and I have taken tomorrow off to build a snow fort, or throw snowballs. Or something. Anything that doesn't involve the phrases "Information Technology", "Insurance" or "Lunatics".