Monday, February 11, 2008

Shoshe - Trivia, grading and COLD

This weekend my officemate (who conveniently lives around the corner) roped a bunch of us in to a 50-hour trivia competition. It was crazy and fun, and B and I made it through about 15 hours over two days. I tried to do some of my uni work over the weekend, but it feels like all I've accomplished is grading. And right now it's 4 degrees Fahrenheit (-15.5C)! Yesterday it was a few degrees above freezing. Weather here confuses me.


Yen Li said...

Ok that is too cold. Can you make sure it warms up by March?

shoshe said...

Are you coming over here? That'd be awesome! :)

Uh, I hear that "winter" here goes till (er, through) May. But it's not always that cold. Right now it's -6.1C.

Make that -6.2C -- the temperature dropped while I was writing this.