Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dan - Longweekendtastic!

After the Easter long weekend I was a bit worn out, and decided to have another one. Starting today. Admittedly, it's also because of the horrors of school holidays this year (there's no vacation care for preschoolers, but also no spaces in childcare, so we have nowhere to send Superguy Dragon, which means Jen and I have to do a lot of staying at home, and grandmothers and Aunties are being conscripted en masse to look after him). Should be a bit easier next year, when he can go to vacation care, but I'm expecting to burn through a lot of leave this year.

It was an interesting work week, though, fitting a week's work into two days.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ben - Computer go boom.

My computer broke down the other day, taking half an assignment with it. Fortunately, it was an easy assignment. Unfortunately, my computer is broken. I've been trying to play Age of Empires with plastic counters, but it's just not the same.

Dan - birthday shenanigans

We skipped Dante's birthday party this year (due to the One Birthday Party per annum rule), so I decided to take him to the movies with a friend or two. Which somehow turned into 4 friends and a bonus sibling. So I took six boys for lunch and to see Monsters vs. Aliens today, which was a lot of fun. The boys were good fun, and no trouble. Then we went up to see Jo and Vee at their get-together at the Coopers arms. All in all, a long and exciting day. Came home to a worn-out looking Jen, Atty, and Elora. Not sure what they got up to while we were out, but they were a lot more tired than us. I'm still looking for the keg and other evidence of the party they had while we were out.

Also, saw a 4WD drive into a wall this morning for no good reason. Have to call the police tomorrow as a witness.