Friday, April 4, 2008

Anna : Guy has a fuzzy head

Guy had his head shaved for charity. It looked pretty wrong for the first two weeks but now it has reached the lovely fuzzy stage and the poor man is submitting very gracefully to frequent head rubs.

YL - Survived Week 1

Being a secretary & organiser of events & paperwork is not tricky. However, thinking & knowing what to do is! Good thing I got thrown in the deep end with working in Emergency first up. =) So far so good. I will use the reason of "this is my first ____ (insert duration) as a doctor" for as long as I can!

Current motto : Try not to make stupid mistakes. Do/Learn something new everyday.

Be back in Sydney Anzac long weekend (drinkies?) & weekend after for my Graduation Ceremony at Sydney Uni on 2nd May at 2pm. Wooot!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Eugene: Opening Night of the "A Night of Horror Film Festival"

Have just gotten back from Newtown Dendy which is holding an International Horror Film Festival over the dext week and a half. Only really found out about it via the Dendy Weekly mailout so mailed back in for some free tickets. Strangely enough, I got them and since my tickets were the only ones blu-tacked onto the counter when I picked them up an hour before the film, my guess is that not too many people entered the competition.

Anyway, first film was "Flick", an English film about a ghoul powered by rock music in order to bring revenge upon those who wronged him. Not particularly orginal but fun nonetheless. Highlights include an incredibly botox'd Faye Dunaway as a one armed ex-prom queen Police detective and Ghoul view which looked at most things as they were 40 years ago. Nice use of comic books as exposition and speed the plot along and fun rockabilly music.

Definitely considering seeing more of the festival.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ben - Damn apathetic kids!

Yesterday, I actually had to remind some ten year olds that it was April Fools Day.

Can you believe that shit?

Monday, March 31, 2008

Dan: I wanna be in the Bedford Cat Gang

Recent events in Casa Burn:
  1. the boys stocked up on Pokemon cards from the cheapy shop in Campsie ($2 for 30 cards, way cheaper than the price for proper cards)
  2. Dante passed his entrance test for Extension classes, which are some saturday classes about ancient history and science for bright kids.
  3. Guy and Anna visited, and were told what to do by Dante and Atticus.
  4. Tried Wardriving this morning on the way in to work, as Wiggles tickets went on sale while we were driving in. Had no luck, as it's hard to join a network with a 20m radius when Jen's driving like Brocky. I'm intrigued, though, by the existence of a wireless point called "Bedford Cat Gang". Something either very cool, or perilous to humanity, is going down on Bedford St.

Kit starts Geocaching

Kids arrived from Melbourne late on Friday night, and I thought that a good way to get them interested in doing outdoors stuff is to get them into a 'treasure hunt', or geocaching.

We found our first treasure in Homebush Bicentennial Park, and we took on the heavy responsibility of taking a geocoin on the first leg of its journey around the world.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Jen - Extension classes for Dante

Sat: Took Dante to get an assessment to see if he's eligible for "Gifted and Talented" Extension Classes on Saturday afternoons. He is! He'll start next term - Ancient History (mummification!) and "Super Science" classes. Went to the $2 shop in the afternoon and the boys got $2 packs of knock-off Pokemon cards. I got $2 balls of crocheting cotton. Got the kids to bed by 8pm 'cause of the Earth Hour thingy. Dante went without complaint, even though it was half an hour earlier than usual. Yay!

Sun: Quiet day playing in the back yard, mostly. Had a nice visit from Guy and Anna for which I made banana cake.

Jaime - Falsedan thinks he's funny but he's not

We'll fine, I was going to shortly blag about Ministry last night but since my "attitude" is "appreciated" by "Falsedan", I'll just blog about it on my own blog, where the internet can truly appreciate "it".

P.S Ministry was AWESOME!

falsedan - jaime posted twice in a row so I'm getting one in before he posts again

Jaime I approve of your posting attitude FYI