Monday, March 31, 2008

Dan: I wanna be in the Bedford Cat Gang

Recent events in Casa Burn:
  1. the boys stocked up on Pokemon cards from the cheapy shop in Campsie ($2 for 30 cards, way cheaper than the price for proper cards)
  2. Dante passed his entrance test for Extension classes, which are some saturday classes about ancient history and science for bright kids.
  3. Guy and Anna visited, and were told what to do by Dante and Atticus.
  4. Tried Wardriving this morning on the way in to work, as Wiggles tickets went on sale while we were driving in. Had no luck, as it's hard to join a network with a 20m radius when Jen's driving like Brocky. I'm intrigued, though, by the existence of a wireless point called "Bedford Cat Gang". Something either very cool, or perilous to humanity, is going down on Bedford St.


Jaime said...

Are you aware that the only mention of "Bedford Cat Gang" is on this website here? You are the number one google search item. By merely mentioning them, you probably have revealed you know "too much". I hope the Bedford Cat Gang doesn't come for you in the night. Perhaps you should form your own gang. Maybe the Belfield Heavies?

falsedan said...

belfield massive, yo

Danzilla said...

Yep, I was aware I'm the only mention. Well, I was aware there was no mention of it on the interwebs, and then when i searched for more detail I was surprised at how quickly it got into the Google search index. Though neither "Belfield Heavies" nor "Belfield Massive" have made it into google yet (again, this will be the only post containing them. Wispy Fandango. Eldritch kitten. Rosicrucian lamprey). They must only index posts, not new comments.

Also, I probably better not name my gang yet, coz it'll just be the Clarence Cat Gang.

falsedan said...

dude blogger is owned by google, they index these HIGH-CONCEPT blog posts as soon as they're posted

also changing my suggstion to Clarence Massif

Jaime said...

Your leaving the belfield massif?! Don't you know thats for life *pulls gun and fires* pew pew

falsedan said...

homebrew I just roll the way the cards fall with the flow, you know what I'm saying?

I don't know, damn you british summer time *zzz*