Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dan - quiet(ish) saturday

Dante's last soccer match of the season, following by lounging and crankiness. Spent this evening upgrading my windows box and recovering files from the childcare hard drive (it died, but contains a big pile of photos and stuff). Nearly bought an AppleTV. Will probably do so once mt-daapd can serve video content.

Evelyn - Still hanging onto the Festival

I'm determined to get more out of the festival while its still going, work not withstanding. So Monday, we went and saw Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Thursday we took Dan to the Heresy Project - even funnier than the first time, and last night we went and saw John Waters: This Filthy World at the film festival.

Becstarr : Mystery day

Picked up the Iku cookbook Nourish for $5 at a garage sale in the morning. Score! (it's currently out of print). Pottered for most of the day. Evening: watching a 1980's skate movie Joel picked up this morning called The Search For Animal Chin. Duuuuuuude.... :)

Jen - Soccer Saturday

Today consisted of soccer, tantrums, and a quick dash out to Spotlight to get some wool for a new baby cardigan pattern I got.

Ben - Tired

Been judging Tournament of Minds. It was fun. Now I'm tired. Very tired. I used to wonder why teachers drank so much coffee; I've since found out. And I'm coming to the profession with a hideous caffeine addiction already in place.


shoshe - first day of class

Yesterday I went to four classes and a lab; today I went to two more classes. I'll only end up taking three subjects, but I'm not sure which yet (hopefully I'll be able to ditch both quantum classes). Mineralogy lab was fun.

In free-food-and-drink news:
1) The local SUPRA-equivalent held an Ice Cream Social last night. The mango sorbet was particularly good, but I don't recommend 2 bowls of ice cream as dinner.
2) The department had a party this afternoon to celebrate the 4th "birthday" of the Spitzer space telescope. Free cake and Bellinis. We also had free cake and pizza on Wednesday for a welcome-to-the-department lunch -- and half the cake was chocolate and half was vanilla. Genious!
3) The grad student union-ish building had its weekly cheap beer and free softdrink and snacks this evening. Beer was $1/cup for domestic and $2 for imported (with a total of 3 beers to choose from). I pointed to the darkest beer and asked what it was; the answer was "a dollar". After tasting it, I agreed that it was one-dollar beer. Not tasty, but hey. $1 beer!

falsedan - what a way to make a living

Been working on my CV; got (b'_')b & d(^_^d) from Tancred and Evelyn, so have applied at Rockstar North & Blizzard Europe. Yay I can go to the pub now!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jen - Another quiet Friday

Just another day with Atti and Elora - she slept lots (making up for yesterday), he made me laugh. Did some sewing this evening.

Evelyn - Back at Work

So my holidays have finally come to an end and now I'm back at work. I wish I had more holidays.
Festival tickets in hand - it's raining, but no matter, it's time to rock out (I'm gonna get so wet).

Marina - sorry state of affairs

Less than a week to go and no birthday shennanigins planned. Count them - none...

Becstarr : Nutrition and nausea

Had a great afternoon meeting with Beth & Natalie (new RA) from Nutrition where we talked through their awesome learning flow diagram for the nutrition case studies (a project I jump back into in about 3 weeks). We're getting case studies from RPA ICU and some from North Shore. Excitement!
The rest of the day was a bit of a write-off due to the flu, but the meeting made up for it!

Ben - Too much *&%^#@ 3d geometry

Not much happening, except I keep mentally classifying everything all polyhedrons I see. I've decided that there are far too many rectangular prisms about.

The Subway on Maitland road is an octagonal prism, and its roof is an octagonal pyramid. Why can't more buildings be like that? It's made of lousy rectangular prism bricks, though. I think a nice hexagonal tessellation would really set it off.

Jaime: Stress to the max

Fighting immigration for their mistakes. P*ssed off about how everything is going. Still packing the house, lots left to do before we move Saturday week. Going to roll the dice and hope that they don't kick me out of the country next Tuesday.

Anna : Dancing in the Street

I was on my way home from work last night and as I was walking down King St I see Leon's friend Steph/ven Medway walking the other way. He's in his usual garb, black sleeveless t-shirt, black pants, goggles, and he's walking down the street making these expansive hand gestures. As I get closer I realise that he's rocking out to whatever he's listening to so when he catches sight of me I do what can only be described as an "Answering Boogie Hustle" down the street. He smiles and as we pass each other there was no awkward "Hey we kinda know each other, guess we should have a chat" conversation, instead he gently reached out, squeezed my arm and we both went on our merry way.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Jen - Girls' day out

Went to the Stitches and Craft show with my mother, mother-in-law and Elora. Bought some stuff - resisted buying a lot more stuff!

becstarr : Should have stayed home

Went to work, caned it, didn't stop for lunch (3rd day in a row), didn't twig that I was getting sick until I fell asleep on the couch and had to be put to bed (very grumpily).

Dan - nothing to report

Pretty average day. Woke, wrangled little people, worked, wrangled little people, sat down. Work was actually interesting. New ADSL is fast even though I haven't got the better modem working.

falsedan - oh crap

I am very mad because I went to see Henry Rollins last night and also while waiting to get in I realised that pints are different to schooners so all my reasonable drinking calculations are way out of wack >_<

Joe - You know say daddy me snow me-a blame

Busy, busy, busy. Weeks worth of work at BMRI coming to a head with the big move. Note to self: Find person who decided that med computers should be named by their room numbers and punch his face. Wrote an essay on medieval ivory carving. Utterly failed to tempt workman over to repair leak in our back room. Bezley staying over for the next couple of days.

Anna : "Hands back to the face, anything else isn't punching, it's ... pretend"

Paul was back in form last night so boxing happened. The class is full of new people, last week it was about 10 new girls who are apparently on the netball team and don't shut up, this week it was a bunch of American guys who had been before but this time brought friends. Our cosy little class is getting a little too cosy.

At the end of the class the guy who runs the Sydney Uni Boxing club announced that there's going to be an amateur fight night in September, including women's demonstration matches, in case anyone wanted to come along to fight or watch. Joe pointed out that it probably wouldn't be much fun getting pummeled in front of a bunch of strangers ... but that it would be fun to be a part of the group of strangers watching people get pummeled. Details to follow.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Becstarr : Meetings and schedules and one lovely baby

Day of meetings and emails and making schedules and admin. Evening of hanging out with old flatmate Ann and baby Bella (now ~3m), up from Melbourne. Bella is beautiful, very awake, and already adept at standing up and balancing / "surfing" on knees... she's going to be into the ocean behind Dad in short order!

Jen - Worst mother ever

I forgot to pick up Dante from school today.

One down...

Only person manning the fort. One chapter down (Hurray!), only 16 more to go in 6.5 days till holidays. Hmm. This is possibly not achievable. And of course - I've planned my holiday so that I get back for 4 days, and then I get the Oct long weekend to recover.

Shoshe - library tours

Today I saw an original Gettysburg Address, cuneiform tablets, a leaf of a Gutenberg Bible, and a lock of Charles Dickens's hair. The Rare and Manuscripts Collection here has its own building.

Ben - So full of cabbage

That sauerkraut I started last week was ready to east yesterday, and it was so good that I ate the equivalent of about a quarter head of cabbage. Today I am feeling the effects of an overdose of fiber. Got to teach 3d maths again later today; should be fun.

falsedan - no cold, no rain

Went down to London for a date with Aiya, slept on the train, got told off by Evelyn for smelling of cigarettes. Hi Evelyn!
Tout le Paris est mal. Including me. Sniffle.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jen - Nothing doin'

Didn't do anything of note today. Elora tried pears for the first time. Didn't think much of it. Atti scared her with the maraca... like, really scared her. She screamed in terror and clung to me. Oh, and our oven died.

Dan: Meetings and ADSL woes

Spent all day meeting - sat down for the first time at my desk at about 4:20pm, after breakfast at 3:40pm. Spent this evening debugging dodgy ADSL conenction.

Becstarr : Backup fever

Fighting a battle for getting a proper backup situation for our service. Not sure if I am winning or losing. Meanwhile a large number of assessable items are in limbo.

Start the holiday countdown clock

Loving the Bakers' Delight Chocolate Mud Scones so much, that I bought a 6 pack for my consumption only. Countdown to holiday has begun, if only work wouldn't get in the way. I have 8.5 days to go, and um 16 chapters of a work document to review. I can knock over 2 chapters a day, right?

Anna : Gym, gym, gym

Boxing canceled last night because Paul was sick and so this morning I made it to yoga for the second time since we got back from holiday ... are these two incidents related? Yoga was good, I'm glad I went and will try to go again!

Monday, August 20, 2007

YL- holes in walls

Rainwater -> leaks through window frame & brick work -> wet carpet -> stress -> large holes in walls -> ? fix when it stops raining-> ? end of 1 year of leaking windows.

Metaphorical walls are crumbling too. That's not good. Sigh.

Jen - Illness all round

Dan and Dante both stayed home sick today, so we had a full house. I hope I'm not coming down with it, too. Sniff, sniff.

Dan - sick, plus ADSL2

Spent most of the day sleeping off this flu (now with bonus gastro!). Then installed ADSL2 modem; we've finally got it in our area. Dante claimed illness too, but with remarkably few side-effects. I think the little guy has figured out faking it. No more days off without demonstrable physical signs of illness!

MrE - Come Rain, Hail or Shine... ok no fan of rain or hail

Mondays' have become the evening where Kim and I go for a walk from her work in the Masonic building to Bondi Junction. We were worried with today's less than inspirational weather might put a dampener on things but it was not to be. We had a nice walk with no rain and the temperature being quite moderate in all honesty. Finished off with dinner at Bondi's Sushi Train before we go our separate ways home.

Yeah I know - nice story but the ending sucked.

Becstarr: Media galore

Took pseudoephedrine in the morning and spent the day processing mpgs to flvs and wavs to mp3s obsessively. Trying to calm down with the aid of Lowenbrau and Look Both Ways.

Guy - So tiired...

Spent the weekend recovering from last week, and after only a day I'm already wiped out again. If it's a bad day I'm stuffed, and if it's a good day I'm stuffed. I understand the drain gets less with time, but that's a long time away. Oh, today was a good day.

Ben - I am a glorious golden god!

Last night, my computer crashed taking a 2000 word assignment with it. I just rewrote the whole thing since half past nine.

It's not due until five, so if I skip a 1pm lecture, that gives me 3 1/2 hours to clean it up and reference it. And if I can write it in 3 hours, I think I can manage that.

I'm feeling rather good about myself, except that I regret wasting so much time writing it the first time.

David - Just 1 More Season? Please...

Turns out that 2 seasons of Rome and a city that delivers everything to your door is a particularly dangerous combination. Especially when you remember that you friendly local wine-merchant delivers. End result? You are online at 2am hitting trying to source larks tongues and honeyed field mice...

Anna : Wasted Weekend?

Worked all day Saturday to make back time before I leave my job, extensive napping on Sunday while GUG's happened in the next room. But there was Saturday night, spent chatting and (not) drinking at Leon's house ... kudos for a good impromptu party Mr. L.


Ummed and awed about what new mobile phone to get. Finally saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Sad today cause Elora is already six-months old and we haven't met her in person yet.
Extensive museum-work, on a Sunday no less.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jen - Cranky and raining

Late night = cranky tired day after. And that's just me! Rain added to our blues. Did some cleaning up, though. Dante sorted through my bag of fifty cent pieces.

Dan - Indoors day

So, my vast and evil plans for a stroll to a park with a picnic were scuppered by inclement weather. As a result, we were all cooped up inside and everyone was cranky.

Becstarr: Garage sorting and chattel shuffling

Reorganised the family goods and chattels in Mum's garage with all six Plumbes in attendance. Back to Redfern for more moving and sorting at J's. Now hardcore relaxing on newly inherited sofa with many cushions!

Bez - Now left and forlorn

Drove to Temora. Mowed my grandmother's lawn. There were Spitfires! Drove back.

Lazy Sunday

Slept for about 12h straight. Tried guitar hero 2 - had a panic because I couldn't get to the more ''advanced" songs (disc/ps2 just freezes when you select song). Fell about laughing when I couldn't do the easiest song (Shout at the Devil) on the "hard" level. Hunting reviews for an adsl 2+ modem/wireless router

Nerida - why are weekends so short

Can only post when i get to my parents place. Stupid work blocks access to blogs and i'm without the internet. Otherwise all is good.

Yen Li - it's raining. Yes!

Ok strange things are happening with my phone. I got Anna's text msg at 2am but without any fanfare. Judging from the content, it could only have been sent HOURS ago. Stupid telephone.

But! Good news. It is raining. Nay pouring and I am on standby in case the window does leak right at the bottom bit next to the carpet. I've already had multiple episodes 6mx3m of wet soggy carpet requiring effort/stress/upset since last Sept. Hopefully the hole in the wall was worth making to fix the leak. Well IF it is indeed fixed. Time shall tell. Rain, Rain my pretty!

falsedan - escape

Helped a street performer put on his straitjacket.