Friday, February 29, 2008

Anna : The dishes are done man!

Training project is OVER!!!! About 170 people from ICT booked into and attended the 3.5 hour training course over 17 days. In the end we had only 4 training manuals left so it was lucky that more people didn't attend. Next week I'm helping out on other projects and then the week after that I'm getting all four wisdom teeth removed and will be sitting around the house feeling sorry for myself.

Does anyone else remember when this trailer was on the beginning of _every_ movie you rented from the video shop?

And speaking of trailers the guy who made "The Cell" + Don Draper from Mad Men + Lee Pace from Pushing Daisies = SHINEY SHINEY

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shoshe - Snow

Yesterday+today was the first real snowstorm we've had. We've had snow, but this was the first decent fall -- probably about 20cm or so. Last night was beautiful. Everything was white (including the sky, even though the full moon was a week ago). But the snow removal was much worse than it's been -- the little uni snowplows hadn't been through by the time I left choir practice (about 9:30pm), and they haven't done much salting at all.

In other news, my classmates and I are trying to be good about going to the gym. We call it FAATS: Fabulous Astronomy Athletic Training and Science (we read journal articles so we don't feel like we're wasting time that could be spent studying). If you're a student here, it only costs $145 per year to join the gym (including access to all facilities and classes)! I tried the rowing machine for the first time yesterday -- it hurt a little to breathe today because my lungs and diaphragm are trying to let me inhale, but my abdominal muscles don't think anyone has any business making them move (it feels remotely like having cracked ribs).

...Getting there

..... Almost... about ... to ... place .... a contract.... for my project.

Jeez, the process is long, drawn-out and painful.

Have returned from Melbourne full of yummy food.
Saturday night: "A taste of slow" dinner at a restaurant in Federation Square. Sunday night was yummo vegetarian banquet at the Morroccan Soup Bar.
Monday lunch was risotto at Piadina Slow Food.
Finally, chai at Well-Connected to settle the stomach on Monday night.

Ben - wet

There is no cover between the Uni train station and any of the uni buildings.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

YL - misc stuff

(1) Coffs Harbour = pretty & restful. Almost like going home. (2) Violin teacher in Coffs = nice & was amazed at what I was able to do in 1 month of learning the violin. (3) Hospital provided accomodation = basic but clean. (4) Yoshi Jones current & sale stock = nothing that was suitable for me. (5) New haircut last Sat = very pretty. Yay.

Manipulative / overly self-important / unnecessarily bad tempered people / people who are yelling at you for no fault of your own = bad. very bad.

Evelyn - Dancing all the time!

Another ceroc class night, and after being called out on my puppy dog routine (look pitiful and hope someone asks me to dance) at the party on Saturday, decided I had to do a much better job of asking people to dance. And I did - and no one said no :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Guy - Sick Day

Being locked in a room with 30 teenagers is difficult, more so when you've got the lurgy.
I failed to talk a student out of dumping Studies in Religion because "it is boring" and switching to Business Studies. I don't feel that I'm making the subject very interesting. Oh well.
In Oscar tipping I got 8 out of 25, and for the record I work hard to be that wrong.
Took a sick day to recover, ended up doing piles of small jobs which had been building up. I'll sleep when I'm dead?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dan: Sport-o-rama

Had an uncharacteristically sporty day - tennis in the morning, swimming with the kids this afternoon. We went to the pool at Olympic park - it's got a water slide and a "rapid river" thing, which was pretty nifty. The kids had an absolute ball. Atty drank about half the pool, and we had to send him out into the park afterwards to drain it all out. I'm feeling rather sunstrokey now.