Friday, May 9, 2008

Jaime - I got sunburt in Edinburgh

Yes, I got sunburnt in Edinburgh. I was wearing sunglasses and now I look like a stylish raccoon.

Becstarr : Academic honesty again

Attended an interesting morning as a guest at the First Year Experience WG's meeting on academic honesty. It's a frustrating topic in many ways, but an interesting question because there are so many facets, not least of which is the time factor, in questions like "how much time can we afford to / do we want to put into prevention and detection, and then into prosecution?" and "how much time do we want to spend on teaching students about this rather than on actual subject content matter?". So much more to say on this - perhaps a proper write-up elsewhere is in order.

In other matters, today I realised that a good way to develop my Spanish might be to read articles whose contents are easy to guess, such as "¿QuĂ© debes hacer si han hackeado tu sitio web?"

Climbed to the Summit

Today we reached the top of Arthur's Seat. Yay us!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dan is a Yankee pigdog

I won the Uni's scholarship to go to WWDC this year, which is awesome, but it's in San Francsico, and since I'm a US/Austraila dual citizen (in theory), that means I need to use my US passport to enter and leave the US, and since I haven't had a US passport in about 30 years, I've got to apply for a new one, but I need my birth certificate and Australian citizenship papers, which were lost/stolen when we moved house one time, and so I've had to send off for ID papers from New York and the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, which should arrive in two weeks hopefully, so I can get a passport, and use my non-refundable, non-transferable plane tickets on the 7th of June.

But then I get to cruise around California for a week after WWDC. Should be tops.

Becstarr : Inyecciones!

Got my Hep A, Typhoid, flu, and Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccinations yesterday. My arms hurt but I feel invincible now! Except of course for rabies, which I left too late to do the course for (plus it's 3 lots of $85 - ouch!).

Fingers crossed for no mad dogs or scratchy bats.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Anna : New Job!

Again! I'm going over to Arts Digital to work as the "Senior Web Communications Officer" and will be supervising one Mr. Eugene Chan ... hope he's nice, would be a shame if we had to share our personal space for a lengthy period of time and we didn't get on ...

Ben - Luck!

I've been pretty lucky the last couple of days. Yesterday, I saw an eight year old voluntarily reading Mark Twain. This morning, the camera shop called to tell me that they've finally fixed my camera. And this afternoon, I won a raffle. Not a bad couple of days.

Kit is Music Spree

Went on a CD impulse spending spree. New jjj hottest 100 album (volume 15?), kate nash, and the Big Day Out Compiliations 2005-2006 (latter two from redeyerecords in town).
BDO2005 is not to my taste, or at least not-suitable-for-work moods.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Evelyn, Tancred, Jaime, Shannon - Off to Glasgow

Off to see arty type stuff, cathedrally type stuff and high-tea at the Macintosh tearooms.