Thursday, May 29, 2008

Anna : Phew!

First meeting as a manager, some good things, still a bit overwhelmed but think it was constructive ... Euge may disagree :)

Leg is slowly getting better, spent the last two days at a "Women in Leadership" conference getting waited on by the other attendees. Range of movement improving and another physio appointment tomorrow.

Dropkick Murphy concert last night with boxing buddy was an exciting adventure in crowd watching. There was a family in front of us, mum, dad, 8-9 year old and a teenager who oscillated between the mosh pit and the stalls to let them know he was ok. When the younger son started to flag I did a good deed by offering his mum my spare set of earplugs. He fiddled with them for about 10 minutes and 10 minutes later was fast asleep. Poor kid ended up missing the encore despite so solid shoulder shaking from mum and dad.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

YL -work satisfaction

It's a really rewarding feeling when patients say thank you and are actually appreciative of your efforts. It almost makes everything worthwhile. And when you relieve their symptoms, that's great too. It's amazing how not being in pain is a good thing. I'm not working for the staff, I'm really working for the patients. Hmm.

I've almost decided that I'm more interested in the journey than the destination. Almost ready for that life's change. I wonder where the journey is going to take me ... ...

Kit - what good news does a postcard bring

Before FD jaunted off on his round-the-world-trip to Iceland via England, he sent out a call for postcards. I responded (as one does), and very soon a veritable flood of European postcards started turning up.

We had a new starter with us this year, and a few weeks into his new role he asked me:
"So, are you going to World Youth Day this year?"
Me: ?!?!?!?!!!*?!!**
NS: I ask because you've got a picture of Pope Benedict on your desk
Me: …….um? I thought it was John Paul the second

When I got back to work, I had to hide the postcard of the Pope, I couldn't stand him waving at me anymore.

29/5 edit: It didn't come through in the original post, but the reason I went and hid the postcard is because there was also a rather painful discussion on how difficult the Pope must find his job, what with taking into account previous edicits from the Church, and all that advice from his senior advisors. What are they, bishops?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Ben - Meh.

On Saturday, I wasn't feeling great, so I decided to treat myself to a movie to cheer myself up. So I got on my bike and went into town, only to discover that I'd missed the opening of Iron Man, and the Indiana Jones session was on at a time when it would have overlapped with work. So I went to the other cinema in town - they'd just closed. Not for the day; forever.

So I went to the shops, and saw a copy of the third season of the new Dr. Who for $69, and I had $70 in my pocket. Then I took it to the counter, and it turned out to be $99, but the first nine was blurry and looked like a six.

Thus far, my attempt to cheer myself up had backfired rather badly. But then... then I saw at the local Lowes some decent jeans marked down to $20 a pair. And across the street from that, a closing down computer shop sold me a brand new colour printer for $30

So that's how my attempt to cheer myself up with unnecessary luxuries became a tale of careful frugality instead.

Man, I need a life.

Marina - Eurovision

Angels, pirates, ice skaters, chikki chikki's.
And Russia winning.
What's not to like?

Becstarr : Weigh-in

Packed my backpack and it weighs in at about 8.5kg. Have I been highly effective, or just very optimistic? Time will tell!