Friday, March 14, 2008

Jen - Friday at last

My part-time hours are good but we're still exhausted by Friday. Tonight Atti had a huge tantrum over dinner and had to be put to bed. The other two did well, though - Elora played chasies with Goong-goong and Dante practised his scales (on the piano).

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YL - New York New York!

Luck = empty seats on plane + 18 hr flight reduced by 1 hr = good flight. Grandma travelled well and we're settled into our temporary abode in a NY hotel. Looking forward to shopping, eating and just being in the US again. And still basking in the very simple joy of finishing my degree. *happy dance*

Kit: What would you do?

So it's breakfast time, and you settle down to read a good book with a cup of tea and your toast in the toaster.

It's a pretty good read, so you're totally engrossed in it.

Then you wonder why your toast is taking so long to pop up.

Turn around: and somehow the toast has caught fire, and the toaster is in flames.

Do you
a) stop to take a picture?
b) put the fire out?

Becstarr : Chalk up one more office

Got a seat in Merewether and will now be there most mornings and in Mungo most afternoons. The downside is yet another phone & still more moving. The upside is that I'm finally located in the same building as the key groups I'm supposed to be looking after (Govt & Political Economy). Actually, being close to the gym and Ellas again will be nice, too. :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anna : Teeth

Four wisdom teeth out on Sunday. Good news is I have strong bones, bad news is that meant it was a fight to get the two impacted ones out (apparently usually people's bones have a bit more "give" to them).

Slowly getting better, cheeks still chipmunky, tongue tastes like old sock. Lying around at home watching Drop the Dead Donkey, Dexter and Murder Rooms.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jen - First part-time Monday

A good day. Happy children in the morning, cake at morning tea, visit from Dave, chocolate brownie at lunch, boys not too rowdy on the way to gymnastics after school, quick dinner and relatively painless bedtime (not too much screaming).

Cringing at the thought of Dante reading "Where Did I Come From?" tonight.

Becstarr : Portuguese crush

Tried to go to Petersham's "Bairro Portugues" street fair on Sunday. Way too crowded for me! Should have been around a local oval or something. For my money, fairs & festivals need lots of lawn and space for people to mill around. Otherwise, it just ends up being people stew!

All sixes and sevens.

Last week, I climbed with someone with no fingers*.

Today I am having one of those almost everything goes wrong type days. You know, the message pops up "Are you you sure you wish to erase your hard drive, and replace with random 1's and 0's?", and you accidently click the wrong button.

* Well, he had mostly first-knuckles only. And one full thumb. I think it was frostbite, but I was too embarrassed to ask. Bloody good climber though. On the reds/blacks, for those in the know.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Jen - Recovery Sunday

Sunday morning tennis - three tired and grumpy kids. Showed off Elora's walking to everyone (including Grandma who made a special trip over to see). Spot of late night grocery shopping.

Guy - Brain Dump

Erm, news eh? Gotta get into the mindset that my news is interesting.

Back at Burwood, they're keeping me busy. I'm now the Business Studies expert *nods*. But all the classes are pretty good, and I'm having fun.

I marched in Mardi Gras last weekend with a school group. It was well worth doing, but not as fun as watching the parade.

Friday night was drinks and karaoke with Dr. Lim. She's a doctor, a medical doctor. I think my best song this time would have been Minnie the Moocher. More spoken than sung you see. When you've got the impediments that I have you have to think of these things.

Currently looking after Anna, who's just had all four wisdom teeth out. She'll confirm, but I think she was in the chair for 75+mins. Ouch.

Dr YL - yup it's official

I wouldnt have believed it if I wasnt there myself. I actually made it. It's totally surreal.

Now that I'm a doctor ... ... *grin* ... ...