Wednesday, March 12, 2008

YL - New York New York!

Luck = empty seats on plane + 18 hr flight reduced by 1 hr = good flight. Grandma travelled well and we're settled into our temporary abode in a NY hotel. Looking forward to shopping, eating and just being in the US again. And still basking in the very simple joy of finishing my degree. *happy dance*


falsedan said...

yenli come to london OK >:|

I have been hanging out with tancred and evelyn and jo and petto and there will probably more hivers in Londinium than in straya if you join us

Yen Li said...

Lol Dan that's too funny. Ok so Petto is with you eh? =) Guess this means he's not here in NY!

London's in the plan. I'm trying to convince my grandma about it. So far so good about NY.


shoshe said...

Ring us! I have spring break next week, and we haven't figured out what we're doing yet.

Danzilla said...

Spring Break? Aren't you supposed to Go Wild in Cancun or something like that? I thought there were rules about these things.