Thursday, December 6, 2007

David - Snow, Glorious Snow

I am back in Portsmouth New Hampshire for the week. This is about a 4 hour train ride north of New York. And it has been snowing. In fact the day I got here they had a mini-blizzard in my honour. You don't know quiet until you are walking back to the hotel from a pub down the way - no cars in sight, its the weee hours of the morning and there is snow falling around you muffling the few noises that are being made in the town.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jaime - I'm a rock star

So apparently I am now "famous". Or at least thats what the cool kids say when your on youtube.

This was done for our christmas party. If only everyday was like this ;)

YL - Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Yeap there is no escape now. We will HURT more bunnies!!

[Wii is releasing Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. Also, an Official Rabbid Site with bunny related news & videos.]

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Anna : Yay Punching!

Too many people and too few bags has meant weeks without punching something. Well that all changed yesterday! 12 x 1 minute rounds with 6 rounds of 8 pushups and 6 rounds of 8 situps and about 35 seconds rest between each set. Finish it off with some punching above the head and 2 x 30 seconds on the bags and you a recipe for KICKING ARSE! I do believe I may STILL be high on the endorphins :)

Ben - Lazin' Around

Fourth day of hols, and relaxation is juuuust starting to turn to boredom. Weather clearing up quicker than expected; might make the beach before the weekend, if lucky.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

YL - just one more day

Yeah I have been telling myself that for weeks, nay months, nay years. And finally in terms of exams, it is just one (and three) more days. Written on Mon, practical on Wed. omg when will this be over? *insert pained cry* *shakes fist*

I will just say I am very ranty about a lot of things right now. still being a medical student, other medical students in the new 4th year, people who suggest that I was unsure about doing medicine (*shakes fist*), people who look down on me that it took +3 years to do this degree (hey my reasons were genuine compared to the person who had to repeat a year cos the person slept with a patient and came back to tell others about it!!) and random assortment of things - some completely unrelated to med.

omg please let this be over soon. I cant bear to do the dance of sucking up and placid smiles and purported interest anymore. I suck at being a medical student but I'm going to make a helluva better doctor than half this crowd. *gestures with frustration*

David - Dangerous Statistic

I found out tonight that if the subway gods are smiling on me it is a 60 minute trip from the front door of my apartment to the Apple store and back again.  This is of particular interest when you consider the fact that the NY Apple store is open 24/7.

I left my apartment at 8pm this evening, ran uptown, purchased an iPhone for a colleague in Australia and was back in my apartment by 9.10pm.  We all know how easily seduced I am by the shiny - this could get spectacularly dangerous.

Shannon - SNOW!

It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing!!! YAY!!!