Saturday, January 26, 2008

Evelyn - Groove is Back!

Last week at ceroc everyone kept running into me, stepping on me, hitting me in the head. Till, at last, had to concede it wasn't them - it was me.

But woohoo, I'm back with my follow-savant skills. No stopping me now!

Friday, January 25, 2008

David - Still Waiting for Godot

Yep. Still here in Portsmouth New Hampshire. Still waiting for a system to be built so I can fly to London and spend a month in another hotel. I think I will wander back down to the main street and see if someone has parked at a funny angle again.

My the exciting life of an international business traveller.

Am getting funny looks in the bar because I am reading "The God Delusion". By way of perspective - the guide book in my hotel room lists 2 pages worth of "Local places of worship".

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tancred - Thursday stuffs

I could not work out what was different about my trip to work today, then i realised it was not dark. The sun was almost up! One great thing about being this far north is, if it's clear I can see the sunrise after i get to work.

Halfway to work Edinburgh was hit by a blizzard. Thick heavy snow blown into your face and visibility of about 8-10 metres, but in true Scottyland style it was too wet to settle :(

Once at work I had a D'oh moment. Switch port security requires TWO Mac address's to work with VoIP, not one.

Becstarr : Interviewed!

Went for my first job interview in a long time today! It was very friendly and I feel like it went well. Next stop - home for roast chicken!

Dan - it never rains...

I'm now joining the over-stressed club. All major projects seem to have some big change of requirements or other snag, I've got two staff going and it'll be hard to replace them, and we're being kicked out of our nice office, and the kids are all ratbaggy (see Jen's various blog posts). At least I got to see the Blair Godzilla Project tonight (thanks to delightful Jen letting me have the evening off). 'twas a good movie.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shoshe - Band (and uni)

We've got a band! B's on bass, C's on vocals, Dan (another one)'s lead guitar, and I play the drums. We've got the PR firm, so if we can get 80,000 more fans we can play in Sydney.

The semester started yesterday, so we're not gonna have a chance to "practice" for a while. Unless we head over to C and D's place after our Australia Day party...

PS: Astrophysical Processes scares me :(

Anna : Yeah, I know what you mean

Ken (not Kenneth, Ken ... I think he was in the engineering review) pointed a accusing finger at me yesterday as he wandered off to do his last shift at the Access Labs before uni starts up again. "I'm still there!" he cried, with a bit of a sad / manic look in his eyes. I shrugged and indicated the halls of ICT, hoping that said "As am I!"

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

YL - cant shake the access labs

It has been approx 5 years since I worked in the access labs. However, today on the bus back from RPA, SOMEONE recognised me and said "hey I know you, from the computer labs. You used to work there in the early 2000s. You've grown fatter!" *insert his pat on my arm*

Just imagine a much older tallish Chinese guy with black Einstein hair. And wispy whiskers. You get my drift. He was a little too familiar for comfort.

After he questioned me on what I was doing now, he then wanted my card so he could come and see me as a patient!! I explained, that unfortunately I dont have a card. No no, I'm not a GP. That takes another 5 years of training. No no, I'm just a lowly intern at the hospital.

This conversation took place in 1 bus stop travel time! Thank god I could get off the bus. Now I have to shower. A lot.

Gah. Why do all the strange ones want to keep talking to me ...... ..... help!

Becstarr : Making friends with the sofa

Spent three days straight at home sick on the sofa.

Shannon - Samurai Film Festival begins!

We checked out Samurai Rebellion. OMG, Toshiro Mifune is awesome!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Jen - Almost back at work

Elora's first day at child care today. I spent the majority of the time in there with her. She did well. Just need to work on sleeping in a new bed.

Anna : Must. Deal. With. Stress. Better!

I've been feeling very stressed. Just before holidays my hands broke out in this "bubbling skin thing" which I was getting quite regularly in the final months at SBS. I'm eating more than I should, tried to go without drinking in January and lasted two weeks and today my chest is all tight. I got a book out on managing stress and it suggested :

* Walk to work rather than driving (check)
* Watch what you're eating (uh huh)
* Try to drink less (yeah, that went really well)
* Regular exercise, especially yoga (doing that)

Which leaves :

* Try to breathe deeper throughout the day (it's a good time to do this, office mate is away so I won't get called on what can sound like constant sighing)
* Get a massage (I have still never had a massage, maybe it's time)

Also don't have a full week of work for 3 weeks running due to training, public holidays and SDO's ... that'll help right?

Jaime - Running in terror

Saw Cloverfield and actually liked it.

falsedan - nah don't get me a kebab

Just saw a dude on the street on the phone, with the tell-tall erratic walk: "yeah I'll be at yours in just a minute … nah don't get me a kebab … nah don't get me a kebab!"

Saw Charlie Wilson's War on Thursday; greyhounds and a cat and Hinds and ludicrous special-effects of Hinds shooting stuff and then getting blown up. I would not have like to see it as part of a TV series, but I'm looking forward to more movies written by West Wing alumni.

Channel Four has a cooking series called The Big Food Fight, involving Jaime oliver, Gordon Ramsey and some other guy called Hugh. Hugh's contribution was running a chicken farm, half free-range and half 'standard' birds, to show living conditions of chickens raised for meat. Jaime did a show which was half dinner gala and half current-affair-type exposé of the poultry industry (including sitting the RSPCA rep next to the poultry farmers' spokesman. Gordon Ramsey had done a 3-hour cookalong >:|

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Wire Season 2, hooked again. Waiting for the last two episodes to download.