Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Anna : Yeah, I know what you mean

Ken (not Kenneth, Ken ... I think he was in the engineering review) pointed a accusing finger at me yesterday as he wandered off to do his last shift at the Access Labs before uni starts up again. "I'm still there!" he cried, with a bit of a sad / manic look in his eyes. I shrugged and indicated the halls of ICT, hoping that said "As am I!"


falsedan said...

anna FYI I am not in the access labs anymore, I am in London in cahoots with international bankers and the gunrunning cartel

I spend £90 on train tickets yesterday woo!! saved myself £7 by buying a monthly ticket

Evelyn said...

so FD, does that mean you are finally joining the world of the Oyster?

falsedan said...

man I forgot about rent money :( looks like I'm sleeping on the metropolitan line until I get paid

also FYI I bought an Oyster as soon as I entered heefrow tube and caught the train to Cockfosters (heh, cockfosters)