Tuesday, January 22, 2008

YL - cant shake the access labs

It has been approx 5 years since I worked in the access labs. However, today on the bus back from RPA, SOMEONE recognised me and said "hey I know you, from the computer labs. You used to work there in the early 2000s. You've grown fatter!" *insert his pat on my arm*

Just imagine a much older tallish Chinese guy with black Einstein hair. And wispy whiskers. You get my drift. He was a little too familiar for comfort.

After he questioned me on what I was doing now, he then wanted my card so he could come and see me as a patient!! I explained, that unfortunately I dont have a card. No no, I'm not a GP. That takes another 5 years of training. No no, I'm just a lowly intern at the hospital.

This conversation took place in 1 bus stop travel time! Thank god I could get off the bus. Now I have to shower. A lot.

Gah. Why do all the strange ones want to keep talking to me ...... ..... help!

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Jen said...

We've probably mentioned this a zillion times before, but our best "Hey, you're from Fisher Lab" recognition was when we were on holiday in SE Asia.

We were in some huge shopping mall in the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur when some guys came up to Dan and I. The best part? I recognised him and remembered his username!