Saturday, September 1, 2007

Jen - Rockin' the eighties

No soccer on Saturdays anymore. Had two out-of-sorts kids, and one bored one. Played the new Guitar Hero PS2 game. Made 2L of jelly.

Becstarr : Sleeep

Turned up to help Euge move. Didn't carry anything other than breadsticks in the end (and they weren't even for Eugene!). Oops...

Dan: Assisting moving, attempting to nap

Helped Eugene move. Totally lost my bottle of V! Tres disasteur! Tried to nap this afternoon, but was treated to Atticus jumping on me, hitting me in the face with various household items, and Elora howling. Managed to get both kids off to bed before 8pm :)

Becstarr : Overfocus hocus pocus

Bashed away at the abattoir vids in preparation for the accreditation visit, which starts Sunday. Some grief over mysteriously misbehaving javascripts. Karinne's birthday drinks up at the Courtie were a welcome change of pace-- it's nice to be reminded there are things equally as important as giant killing machinery and studies.

Jaime: The deadening

Boxes almost all packed before tomorrows move. Going into internet/landline dead zone as it won't be connected until the 5th. Looking forward to going back to work on Tuesday. JOY!

Kit: At the airport

Claimed back GST for the new toy. Got amused by the arrogant chinese businessman who thought that he could jump the queue to claim back GST just because his flight had just been called. Holiday mode starts now!

Friday, August 31, 2007

Jen - Potato stamps

Atti & I did some painting today - I carved some stamps out of potatoes. Then our water got turned off for a few hours... ack! Now to the knitting.

Dan: Sex and drugs and rock and roll

A work day is a work day, I guess. A bit worried Dante might be ill. Still haven't set up new ADSL modem. Helping Eug move in with Nick tomorrow.

Ben - Jimmy Cagney is dreamy

Okay, let me qualify that. I saw a Cagney movie last night where he plays a song and dance man who goes to Hollywood. The picture sucked, but damn the guy could dance!

Beautiful weather. I might go see what the water's like tomorrow.

Anna : Last day at the Library

Also, last backups, last covering the service desk and last sushi lunch at Sushiya ... *eyes mist up* I'll miss Gary the Sushi Guy!
I've been moving and now have a Paris address - I don't know what it is, mind but it's at the end of a lovely canal walk.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jen - Not much happening

Didn't do a whole lot today. Went shopping (for Fathers' Day, but don't tell Dan). Did some more knitting... so much for an early night. Dante had a spectacular tantrum this evening (and Atticus followed soon after). At least Elora went to bed beautifully.

Joe - Everything you have is yours and not stolen

Agree completely with Anna re: post-boxing pain. Additional: When your boxing coach says he's a got a "special" class planned it does NOT mean any of the following things:
1. When you punch the bag a clown jumps out and gives you cake.
2. Exercise replaced with beer and a nap.
3. Taking the class to Mexico.
Generally, what he means by "special" is "lots more punching than usual".
Had a good day. Found and punched some wireless security holes we had. Fixed some network issues. Ate some Thai.
Now it's free drinks time! Yay!

Kit: 1.5 days to go

1.5 days to go till holidays, normal routine still going. Have completed 3rd section of the 17 or so bits I need to do at work - was here till 7pm last night. Climbing tonight at the gym, but still have rope burn and sore fingers from Tuesday night. I am enjoying this 'spring' weather - warm day with a nice cool breeze. Eclipse was pretty, but didn't manage to get a decent shot, despite zoom lens and tripod. I think I need to read the manual.

Anna : Hard Session @ Boxing

The netballers have disappeared so there's less standing around at boxing. Last nights session was HARD!

6 minute warm up, 4 reps of 1 minute on 30 seconds off of squatting/squatting and punching, 6 rounds of circuit stuff (side to sides, push ups and plank and then 10 secs on/10 secs off/10 secs on at the bag). Finishing off with 4 rounds of 30 seconds punching and 1 minute rest.

Cut to the next day, I'm having trouble walking down stairs and someone has inserted an iron rod in the middle of my shoulders.

In other news, made it to yoga but it was the annoying English woman. I can't stand the way she says "Up" ("uhurp"!!?!?!).

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jen - Cough, cough, cough

Spent the day coughing. Also did the grocery shopping. Took Dante to his piano lesson. Not much else.

Becstarr : animal welfare & handling in the abattoir, flashed!

Wrangled into Flash video format many animal welfare & handling videos. Wished I actually knew how to work with the Flash stage etc-- something I've been avoiding for some years now (but not much longer, I think!). Looked at my day's work and saw that it was good. Went to the gym, then went home and ate too much chocolate (but it was FairTrade... which somehow makes it better!).

Joe - but now all the poodles run to my house for the funky cold medina

Smashed network problem! Rar! About to go boxing while soaked in flu medicine. We'll see how it goes. Elle and I sat on the porch last night and watched the moon thingus - it was pretty sweet. Also entertaining was watching our neighbour realise that she had lost her car - not lost as in stolen, lost as in no memory of where she parked it. So if you're in the market for a late model Volvo station wagon, there's one going free out there somewhere.

Anna : Okami and Moon Watching

Lazy evening last night, playing Okami and popping out to watch a sliver of the eclipse. Preparing for "No C's!!!!" September, no "Coke, Coffee or Cordial" and cutting down on "Cake, Chocolate and Carbs".

Jaime: Veni Vidi Vici

Success! I know have a new work permit for Canada. I don't have to leave. While it would have been nice to see you guys in Australia, I get to continue my domination of Canada. Thanks to all those out there who were rooting for me. Now the packening and the moving. And then back to work.


Stayed up to 3:00am to watch the lunar eclipse. Luckily it stayed clear, but the cities lights didn't give the blood-redness I've seen in the past. Today we run the Peace Arch border gauntlet.

Dan - another day in the mines

Sent off employing-a-dude paperwork (at last! yay!). Took the Smartboard to my office to play with (nifty piece of equipment, has been sitting idle for 7 years, but is still cool if I can get the usb connector for it). Argued with Dante, and watched eclipse.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jen - Another glorious day!

Another beautiful day and two loads of washing. My mother took Atti to my brother's house while she babysat his kids for a few hours. Later, we watched the moon being covered by the Earth's shadow and turn red.

Becstarr : The jasmine is coming through

Changed the path I take to Joel's house from work so that I can go past the fence of jasmine that is stating to bloom. Made it to yoga in the morning and watched the red moon in the evening. Started feeling better!

Joe - I'm the root of all that's evil yeah but you can call me cookie

Fluey. Bashing head against network issues. But spent a couple of hours learning about Petra. Petra is awesome! Woo!

Jaime: Boiling point

Well it looks like I have everything possible to attempt going to the border and applying for a new work permit. Should I fail, I guess I'll be back in Oz within the week. Fingers crossed I pass.

Kit: New toy

Bought new GPS toy. Shiny! Already it has told me bad things (like I drive too fast, and my average lunchtime walking speed around the paddock is 6km/h).

Shoshe+Bez say Hi.

3 days to go, carefactor pretty low.

Becstarr : Fluctuations

Fluctuated between feeling well and awful. On the up-side, got the OK from my project manger to work from home ("whatever it takes!") to get a nasty piece of work done. Also had a truly informative and useful seminar on copyright / fair use (for edu) from Kate Sexton, Librarian Extraordinaire. Staff lunchtime session next week, for those interested.

Ben - Nothing to report

Well, first I got up, and then I had a piece of toast...

David - Stuck In New England

When I wish I was stuck in the original England! Up in New Hampshire, working on the project that never ends. Has been 2 weeks of 7am meetings followed by back to back 'working sessions' (whatever the hell that means) followed by 9pm meetings. I love capitalism.

The Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez resigned today and I find myself disturbingly happy about this fact. Almost told a cabbie "Hey I'm walking here" the other day - worried I am turning into a New Yorker. Need some time in Europe stat!

shoshe - in the ivory tower

Today I gave my first lecture at an Ivy League uni. It was awesome! I talked to 75 undergrads about the Mars rovers, and they kept asking me questions about them. It was as if they actually cared ;) Most. Fun. Ever.

Anna : When will I learn

When Paul says "We used to do this on the Nationals team" you leave the room! Sore and tired today but made it to yoga.

falsedan - consumer

Went shopping with Mat—he found shoes and we both got cheap jeans from H&M. Also I got my second postcard (hi Bec!).

Shannon: Moving Day Approacheth

I have a sneaky suspicion that the half-packed moving boxes are having babies in the middle of the night. How can we have so much stuff already packed and yet so much still to pack?

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jen - Glorious almost-Spring

Fantastic 27°C day today. Went to a friend's place for lunch with some old school friends. Atti had a wonderful time with her almost four-year-old son - instant friends. Unfortunately he missed his daytime nap and was a complete wreck tonight.

Evelyn - the end of the festival

And so the Festival draws to a close. We finished it off with another outing to the always fantastic Voodoo Vaudeville, and a very entertaining - A beginner's Guide to German Humour, seeing it was the last night, we all received a glass of schnapps :)

Kit - weekend and counting down

Tried terribly hard not to think about work over the weekend. Climbed in the Blue Mountains on Saturday, struggled up a grade 20 complaining the whole way. Slept 12hr straight - getting worried that I've managed to do that 2 weekends in a row. Finished HP7 for the 2nd time, now re-reading from number 2. Packed for holiday, bag feels "too empty".

Anna : On my feet all weekend

Test shooting on Saturday for a film later in the year (not mine), shopping for new job clothes Sunday with GREAT success. I'm sore all over and really want to go to bed.

Joe - Muggs is a funk fest, someone's talking junk

Great weekend! Crazy ladderless roof fixing dude totally fixed the roof! Now the rain stays on the outside of the house where it belongs. Spent rest of the weekend sleeping, reading, pottering in my herb garden and watching Die Hard 4! Yeah! Kapow! 'Splosions! One liners!

Handed Bezley off to his folks for his glorious American adventure. Just to repeat: He was alive when I saw him last.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jen - Should have gone to bed earlier

Sunday morning family tennis, and lunch. Missed a five-year-old's birthday party because Atti and Elora were both overtired. Knitted one arm of the cardigan.

Becstarr : Jingle jingle

Hennaed my hair. Made a lagerphone. Felt like a big hippie. Enjoyed the sunshine.

Nerida - belated celebrations

So i had planned on going to 10 for 30 night at Harold Park this Friday 31st for belated b'day celebrations, but now the horses have the flu. Can only hope they get over it.

shoshe - free stuff!

Went to the Farmers' Market with SUPRA-equivalent. On the way back from uni, stopped off at a garage "sale", where everything was free :) Picked up a colour printer and a scanner! Free!
Apparently The Jesus & Mary Chain have reformed - they're still loud.