Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jen - Walkies!

Huzzah. I am silent here no longer.

Dante's piano lesson this morning, a quick cup of tea with our next door neighbours (not my parents), tiny bit of sewing (by hand, alas - the machine is playing up), dinner at Dante's friend's place. Elora must have been influenced by the 9 year old sister - she took her first solo steps! Back and forth between Dan and me :) Home very late with poor tired children (10:45pm).

Friday, March 7, 2008

Becstarr : Night navigation

It's a long while since I posted, so here are the main things that have happened in the interim:

* I went to the Redfern Community Centre [pic] to hear Kevin Rudd give the official apology. I'll be honest: I thought there was a good chance I'd get beaten up. Not only was I wrong, but the whole thing was done just fantastically. There was a great mixed crowd, all listening intently. Yes, follow-up will make it real, but this was an important start.

* I finished up at eLearning and moved to eLearning. That is, from central to Arts, and from Link J13 (over in Eng) to Mungo A18 (adjoining the Quad). Also from a team of 17 to a team of 3, and an office of 14 to an office of.... 1. I'm still in withdrawal from the constant buzz of an open office. I'm amazed to find myself saying it, but I think it's actually become my preferred way to work, at least in the day-to-day.

* Between the flu and the demands of starting a new job, I'm currently feeling fairly disoriented. I realise this has a lot to do with my preference for being one of the "big kids" rather than the clueless newb. I'm gradually finding out about the history, priorities, people, politics, shorthand and so on of my new area, but in the meantime I feel a little bit like I'm navigating blind...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jaime - Movie watching

So don't you hate it when your watching a movie and about halfway through you wonder "What the hell has that guy been saying in a guttural tone, its almost like it means something" and then you realise that the bloody thing has forgotten to have the subtitles added?! I guess its not as bad as the time I watched Babel only to find at the end that there was supposed to be subtitles through the whole thing and that they weren't just making a point.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

YL - Making headway ...

You know you're getting somewhere when the Prof says to you for the 2nd time "And we'd love to have you back working with us ..." You smile and thank him appreciatively since surely he's just saying it to be nice.

Then he says "No I'm serious. You can use me or any of the Professors here as your referee in the future."

Then your jaw just drops. Omg.

2 days to go!

Shoshe - How does it do that?!

Last night when I went to bed (around 2am) it was 10C out. This morning when I woke up (around 8:45) it was snowing, with 1cm of accumulation. What the hell?

Monday, March 3, 2008

falsedan - sunny and warm

Very bright today in London, compared to my weekend in Latvia. Played Settlers of Catan with Aija's brother-in-law, met her dad and ate way too much of her mum's food.

Ben - Hippying it up

Went working for the Conservation Volunteers on the weekend. Quite a lot of fun, tromping through the forest and ripping up lantana and privet.

Interesting aside - the Firefox spell checker doesn't like the word "lantana", and thinks I mean Santana.