Friday, August 22, 2008

Becstarr : Selection panel

I sat on a job selection panel for the first time this week: 7 interviews over 3 days, two by phone. It's been a very interesting process and I feel the need to sit down and re-write the interview questions - which we sweated over! - to take in what I learned in this round. The question most often misinterpreted? The one about how one has handled conflict in the workplace. I thought that was a fairly standard question, but it seemed to somewhat throw quite a number of people...

The things I'll take to my next job interview?
* State general principles, but then give specific examples of your past experiences.
* Probe first, to make sure you're answering the right question.

falsedan - fighting kangaroos

Hello dudes I am in Sydney. I had a hell of a time at customs trying to explain why exactly I have brought the weather with me.

My AU phone isn't working >:|

Off to Target to get about 9 pairs of Volleys

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jaime - Tropic Thunder

Was really good or at least I couldn't stop laughing. Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant.

Jen - scary times

Had my first experience with a pedophile today whilst at the "purple" playground with the kids (that's what Atti calls it - not the regular local park). Still shaken and freaked out. But we're all okay - the kids are none the wiser.

Monday, August 18, 2008

falsedan — hey guys

Got my lease, extracted a visa from the AU High Commission, bank finally returned my missing £700.

See youse on Friday

Hurray for days off says Kit

To avoid mondayitis, I have taken today off. I've had a nice sleep in, worked on my assignment (boo), and had some vegemite and butter on toast for lunch (thanks Shannon). Now its coffee time!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

YL - life is like surfing

You wait out on the ocean facing the beach and headlands. They are your distant guides - general markers of direction. Over your shoulder, you watch for the oncoming waves. Which one will you catch? You assess them & decide. Ready, you face forward - not looking back - and start paddling. If you catch this wave, you ride it. If you miss it, you catch another one.

Life is full of opportunities & events like that I think. Some waves are bigger, some are smaller. I'm not entirely sure which wave/s I'm riding at the moment, but damn life is really good for a change. I almost can't believe it's for real.