Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jen - scary times

Had my first experience with a pedophile today whilst at the "purple" playground with the kids (that's what Atti calls it - not the regular local park). Still shaken and freaked out. But we're all okay - the kids are none the wiser.


Krin said...

Shaken and freaked out is understandable, but I hope that reduces soon. I'm glad it turned out OK and the kids are none the wiser.

Time for a new park?

becstarr said...

We shouldn't have to be driven away from public areas by this kind of thing, though - any more than we would if a belligerent drunk started turning up regularly, or someone who wanted to walk a dangerous dog unmuzzled and off-leash.

It is peoples' reponsibility to be vigilant and sensible? Yes. But is it also reasonable to ask other members of the community to keep their sexual preferences to their own homes / venues and to consenting adults? Obviously also yes.

Jen, that is seriously disturbing. Please report it (if you haven't already). Anything that can help prevent a more serious incident is worth doing... (OK, in light of recent debate in Australia, I'll limit myself to: anything lawful!).

YL said...

*just hugs all around*