Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jen - Warm and cool

Napped, laundered, sewed, knitted, ate. Elora likes ricotta cheese. 'Twas warm and then just like that it was cool when the Southerly came through. In an instant, I tells ya!

Becstarr : Building organisms

More relaxation by cooking: Baked my first yeast-risen bread! Smelt amazing, texture good, but the taste wasn't as intense as I was after. I may need to investigate specialist flours.

Tancred - Friday wrapup

I have spent the last two days trying to master all the intricacies of MRTG and SNMP. It's going to rock when I finish setting it all up :)

800 students have moved into the halls and all their problems are now in the hands of - teh winner is me :)

The Uni is still very much a building site so students are being bussed across the city for their clasess.

Tonight Evelyn and I are off to a gallery opening - Free wine FTW!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Jen - Need sleep

Was up from a quarter to 3 till 4:20am this morning. Ack. Tired today. Dan had a meeting so left first thing but thankfully came back for lunch. Kids spent the morning outside, painting their hearts out. Atti's toilet training is going well.

Becstarr : Considering

Discussions of the uni's email systems going on on Contacts. It's been years since I posted, but I'm tempted to wade in once again...

Dan - enjoying holidays

Enjoying the not-working thing quite a bit. Working a little bit now and then; helped give a presentation to a DVC today (went well). Saw Stardust yesterday with Dante. I enjoyed it, but he was scared by all the scary bits (holding on to my hand so he could hide behind it).

Anna : No-Choc-tober Progresses

Taking a break, munching on yummy dried figs, trying to forget the taste of chocolate. Also after being woken at 5am this morning by our down stairs neighbour listening to the radio for 15 minutes I'm pondering the phrase "If you can't beat them, join them" ... I should go to the gym more ... and going to very early clases would get my gym for the day out of the way ... mmmmm figs.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jen - One child day

Dan took Dante out for the day (and Atti was at child care again) so I just had one child today. Yippee! Fixed Atti's curtains (using rings instead of hooks). Did some fabric shopping (online and at Spotlight) and looked for a new oven.

Becstarr : The boxes are calling

Our new work computers have been delivered and it's taking all my self-control to stop myself reaching into the mountain of boxes only a metre behind me and plucking my new MacBook Pro and liberating it from its stickytape-and-cardboard prison! However, until the behemoth Archibus (asset management) has been placated with sufficient data entry, no unboxing may occur...

falsedan - woo hoo hoo

Saw the Dandy Warhols last night at the Electric Ballroom in Camden! Highlights: Godless -> Nietzsche; lowlights: pretentious London assholes, bankers chatting with their mates throughout the entire show, dude wearing a Mark of Khorne t-shirt D:

Ben - Holidaying

Been visiting relatives. More visiting relatives to do. Why do no relatives live near beach? Lousy relatives.

Also been catching up on non-uni related reading. Recommend "If a Pirate I Must Be..." by Richard Saunders, a biography of Captain Bartholomew Roberts

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Jen - Staying indoors

Atti went to child care today. The rest of us stayed out of the heat as much as possible. Went to the shops in the afternoon before Dante's piano lesson. Discovered that he has head lice again. Ack!

Becstarr: Moth whirlwinds

Dinner with Dave and a big walk in Sydney Park through dusk and a whirlwind of moths. Major topic of discussion was the permeability of the "made" world to the natural world. Wei (who's from Taiwan) finds it incredibly disconcerting-- maybe in Australia, with the bogongs, spiders, the possibility of snakes in the backyard, and the often intemperate climate, we're more used to it? I like this permeability and find it reassuring, even if it is uncomfortable.

Dave is still not convinced about compost, though-- he claims due to childhood traumas. "I understand the concept that dealing with your own waste is good, but...". One day I will convince him! He also refuses to look at the worm farm. Pff.

Anna : Speaking of Moths

I noticed the moths too, one in my backyard yesterday, another tapping at my window at work. I thought to myself "Either I've been cursed by a voodoo witch doctor OR it's time for the annual Bogon Moth Plague".

In other news, it's hot. Damn hot. It's Kiss Me Kate Hot!

Kit: Theatre

Saw Sydney Theatre production of Don’s Party. Haven’t read the play or seen the movie. It was a lot of fun, and it looked like the almost-full-house enjoyed themselves.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Jen - Hordes at the movies

Took the kids to see Hairspray today. Fun film. Took my niece, nephew and their friend as well. I'm glad we don't have that many kids! Also finally made up the cardigan. Just need to sew the fabric part on and it's done. Wonder if she'll get a chance to wear it now.

Becstarr : Mothra's return

Meeting 1: The Nutrition folks to refine down the electronic medical record model we're going to use fr the case studies to train the students. Meeting 2: Fortnightly team meeting. Meeting 3: Project reporting and handover between project managers as MH leaves os for the rest of the project period. Meeting 4: Renata for a Bioethics catchup. Meeting 5: Karinne, to discuss house-hunting in Nov. Also, I am developing a growing coterie of fluttering, confused bogong moths. Hooray for moths!
I contracted a cold but beat it off in less than 24 hours with the judicious application of whiskey and tea.

Anna : Mmmmm Sushi

I've eaten FIVE sushi rolls today ... FIVE!

Yen Li - Back from Rome & more packing

Rome was more than beautiful and more than full of crazy traffic & tourists. My grandmother had a great time. After all, she had people pushing her around in her wheelchair so she didnt have to walk unless necessary, we jumped VERY long queues and the Italians were very helpful to her at the various museums/sites opening special doors & elevators. Pics to come.

For the first time in 10 years, I was reluctant to leave Singapore.

Shannon & Jaime - Moving Trip from Hell

So imagine your moving an entire apartment and your mover doesn't turn up (or call or return phone calls). Our arms are now several feet longer. But we are now in a nice apartment with a gorgeous view.

falsedan - I like PiƱa Coladas

Went for a walk in the rain—saw some pigeons sitting in a puddle and a cocker spaniel sneezing.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Jen - Warm sunniness

Hot today. Dante went for a sleepover at his friend Ewan's house. Atti was very upset when they left. Didn't do much else. Chores. Hung around in the backyard. Toilet training continues.

Becstarr : Wading into the grass

More rest to shake flu, which meant piking on the much-anticipated Wisemans Ferry bike ride with Anna and Karinne. Boo!

On the up-side, spent much of the day in the company of Mr Tarling in the unmown grass of Camperdown Park enjoying the shade and the sunny, windy weather.

Kit: Rushed weeked in Melbourne

Went to Melbourne for the long weekend. Visited a fantastic Moroccan
place in north Fitzroy - great food, and such a bargain. Timetabled in
a "slow food" lunch today from 1200-1300 hours, got out in 30mins, so we were ahead. Bought a frypan - surprisingly, they let me take it on as carry-on luggage.
I saw The Police and ate some amazing homemade mushroom soup - chalking today up as a win.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Jen - Pleasant day

Didn't do a whole lot today. Some chores. Had a nap. Atti had a few more accidents. Elora looks like she'll be crawling in the not too distant future. Watched the first episode of Season 4 Grey's Anatomy. Must have more. Looking forward to having Dan home for the next two weeks!

Becstarr : Filling up on Aussie history

Tried to ward off a flu with lots of rest. Watched an Aussie movie (set in the 70s? made 1990)Return Home and started watching the ABC tv film about the 1998 Patricks Stevedores / Maritime Union bust-up, Bastard Boys. The latter definitely isn't a bedtime movie-- as recent history (and all under Howard), the union-busting tactics are jaw-dropping in scale. Can't wait to see the rest.

Civ Therapy

Recovering some lost sanity after two exhausting months. Trying not to think about the seven weeks of the same ahead.