Thursday, November 20, 2008

falsedan - before my time

New plan: get up at 6am so I can do all my idiot internetting before work. My immune system has other ideas…

Anna : Blarg is the order of the day ...

Need a holiday ... that is all.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dan - Single Parent for a weekend

Jen and Elora were away in the Torres Strait for a long weekend, leaving just me and the boys. Had a good weekend, apart from the endless fighting between the lads. Jen's out again tonight, at her sewing class, so I've got three cranky monsters tonight, but I got them to bed nice and early (they're still grumbling half an hour later, though...).

Fortunately, I haven't been attacked by moths.

Jaime - Mothes are jerks

I went to pay for groceries this evening and a moth flew out of my wallet. What the hell moth?! I got paid the other day and my bank account says its fine!

Ben - All done

In the last couple of weeks I finished all my work and did my one and only exam.

On a more interesting level, I built a set of shelves. This took a long time. I finally admitted to myself that power tools are less useful than they are fun, and bought a chisel. This made things go a lot faster.

I've also been teaching in a three day video production course for primary students. The Uni paired up primary education students with film students, and it went pretty well, overall. I've seen my group's film, I get to see them all on Friday.

For now, I'm going home to a plate of spaghetti, three longnecks of Resches and Dr. Who and the Silurians. I think I've earned it.

David - Home for the Holidays

The inevitable has happened - I am gradually turning American. I don't say Christmas anymore - instead it is the holidays. I am driving up to the Adirondacks to celebrate Thanksgiving with friends. And I have been seriously considering buying a baseball cap. Surely it is only a matter of time before I start believing that social welfare people is a pinko commie plot to steal my hard earned money...

Oh and in other news, I am coming back to Australia for Christmas and New Years... nothing like a 22 hour flight to kick start the holiday season.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Kit has Not healthy eating

I am eating Cheetos cheese and bacon balls out of a bowl with a spoon.