Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dan: Thundering Gherkins

Not much to report - work, eat, sleep. Kids are doing well, though they had a cranky day. We went to Rozelle Markets with my mum. Shops in Rozelle close to early. Busy work-week - lots of meetings and planning; did some hiring; pondering applying for this.

Becstarr : Felled over

Ordered a Greek salad for breakfast (?) and then almost cried because I couldn't eat it. Realised I had the sookiness that comes with being sick. Cried off attending the Mountains trip (good move!) and stayed home pirating J's broadband. Surfed lots and had a lovely chat to flatmate Sarah in the evening. Highlight of the day: Zoe's moving into the Redfern house asap to escape dodgy coneheads. Less house-hunting is a good thing. Hurrah!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Becstarr: Fullmoonfulldayfullnight

Building, building, building cases all day - apart from when getting video-Skype to work on our new lappies with Ross. A must when siblings are off OS as of Sunday!

After work with SJ and Yen Li, we found the D&S was awash with the cries of "down, down, down!" and crowded full of end-of-year-ing ugrads (I couldn't place where from though; maybe Architecture?). Walked with SJ up to Newtown to find Joel entertaining Matt of Ulladulla (up for tomorrow's regatta) at a tree-shadowed table in the Courtie front yard. Doy Tao for dinner and a full-moon walk home to Redfern.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Becstarr : One house comes, one house goes

New MacBookPro powerpack blew and disk started failing.
Put project hours in, with much grunting (they were very heavy).
Confirmed move date with Dave and Karinne, and gave notice on my flat!
Went to see Zoe's club night on Oxford St and ran into Joel's ex Cath, who I met for the first time. Always a little unnerving, but it went OK.

All up, a very big day.

falsedan - the heat is on

After two weeks of winter pyjamas, London has turned on its central heating so I am thinking of switching back to summer PJs.

dun nuh nah nuh nuh, dah nuh nuh nah nuh

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's just like tv ..

You know that scene from Black Books where Bernard and Manny drink the bottle of very expensive wine, and the value in amount poured scrolls up on the screen?

Becstarr : The fear of hours

Project manager returned from overseas and my hours (project "timesheets") are due and alas, alack, I am sorely behind, and duly castigated.

After worked, cooked pikelets with grated apple (from the current "2+5" campaign) and thought about entirely different things! Also taught J about Creative Commons searching on Flickr.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Becstarr : Setup

Meeting with Nutrition folks-- rolling along at a good speed now. Spent some time moving gigs of data over so my new laptop is now my primary work computer. I have 30GB left out of 150GB, so I may have to start some serious archiving soon!

Swam some laps with J after work, then dinner at Correlli's with Jess and Rach. Rach is fully vaccinated and packing pens and pencils for her 3 weeks in the African orphanage / school. Hard to believe!!

3 x Duck & Disappointing Play

I've had duck in a meal for three days in a row by accident. YL's party with peking duck in pancakes, sang choy bow and the duck noodles on Saturday night. A sampled wholemeal duck pancake from the Dank St Festival on Sunday, and Duck Pizza from the Australian Hotel. Dinner tonight? Not duck!

Went to see Riflemind". Sold out season, only standing room tickets available on the night. Hugo Weaving as the lead character; Jeremy Sims & Susie Porter also. I couldn't put it any better than the little old lady sitting next to me, when I heard her say during intermission:"If I were on my own, I'd go home. It's rubbish theatre." I found the characters intensely annoying and disagreeable, and only saw that there could be a human side to "John" (Hugo Weaving) at two points in the piece.

Anna : Work, gym, sleep, gym ...

Good day at work then off to boxing. After two very hard sessions last week we had a more managable session last night ( Joe looked like death at the end of it so he may disagree ). Finished the session off with some crouching, working on undoing years of rowing induced shortening of the hamstrings and perfecting my sq'wahtting technique so that I can fully enjoy the drugs that Bec assures me are located in the thighs! Yoga this morning with more hamstring stretching and more sq'waht, working moving the tension from my knees back into my butt where it should be.

Who wants short shorts? I WANT short shorts!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Becstarr : Catching up

Outpatient cases finally coming together (diabetes, coeliac, hypercholesterolaemia, cardiac). Next up: inpatients, starting with an ICU tube feed!

Overall, a quiet day, but with lots of small catchups and calendarings with people. Starting firming up a move date, and checking out tickets, visas and vaccinations for Central America.

Anna : Back at work

Two days feeling like I had been run over followed by two days of solid napping and I feel human enough to make it to work. Hooray?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Becstarr : Sunny Sunday slowdown

Hung out in the garden with all the star jasmine out. Walked to the Danks St Festival (nice food, g*d-awful jazz fusion music, excellent kids' activities). Went swimming. Ate banana pancakes from the local Vietnamese fruit store for dessert.
The week's highlights;

1) I was informed by a student that Kate used to have a penis.

2) A student asked me where chickens come from, but not in the chicken and egg sense. She had no idea what evolution was. I don't think she really got what I was explaining, but when I also explained Creationism she thought that was complete rubbish.