Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jaime - It's frikkin snowing

Right now, it is snowing outside. It's 2°, almost April and its SNOWING! WTH?!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Jaime - I got a library card

I feel a bit dirty as I just got a Library card and now have to "share" my books. Currently I am waiting on an Archeology lecture which is downstairs.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Long weekend drenching

Long weekend. Weather report said "showers for fri-sat, fine on monday". Okay. Try to miss the traffic by leaving on Sunday. Head to Kanangra-Boyd National park, out the back of the Blue Mountains.
Walk out to Cottage Boulder, or at least to coal-seam cave (Easy 9km return). Wait awhile in the cave because its raining. It appears to let up, so start heading back to the car.
I got drenched. I was wearing goretex on top, and then jeans underneath. My jeans got soaked, and then the water started creeping upwards underneath the goretex on my t-shirt. The rain was torrential. Walking across Kanangra plateau with the thunder and lighting going on directly overhead thinking very very short thoughts!

Jen - so tired

The busy weekend finally caught up with me last night and I am struggling at work today.

Tancred - Zombie Jesus weekend in Scottyland

Scottyland does not seem to do Zombie Jesus weekend so I have been working on Friday and Monday. It's odd. The Uni is open though we have no lectures on. Thus we have no Academics at work and no students. It's just the support staff, ready to support people who are not in. On the up side I run the firewall, and I have my laptop so I plan to spend the afternoon grinding motes of water for my Shadoweave epics :)

In other news spring started last week but we are still getting flurys on snow and sleet. Hey it's snowing again right now!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jen - Crazy birthday weekend

That eldest son of ours got a weekend of birthday parties instead of just one (as well as candles and cake on his actual birthday, and a pre-birthday shopping-trip visit from Grandma the previous weekend). I don't think we could have spread out the birthday goodness any more if we tried.

Good Friday: trip to the cemetary followed by two brothers and their families over for lunch.
Easter Saturday: Birthday Party! 13 kids aging 13m, 2-3yr, 5yr, 7yr, and 8-9yr; the majority in the 7yr group and mostly hyperactive boys high on superhero action and sugar. Imagine a calm blue ocean... and INVERT IT! ack. We had 3 Ben 10s and one Captain Underpants.
Easter Sunday: Tennis as usual, followed by family birthday lunch (minus a few). Elora scoffed a huge piece of chocolate cake with glee (and mess, of course).
Tomorrow: R&R for us all.

We've also had my niece sleepover since Sat (and my bro and his son stayed next door).

Dan and I calculated that we will have entertained/fed a total of 46 people over the weekend (i.e. the number of people each day, totaled. 10 on Fri, x kazillion on Sat (that's what it felt like, anyway), 17 today etc...). Exhausting.