Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tancred - Zombie Jesus weekend in Scottyland

Scottyland does not seem to do Zombie Jesus weekend so I have been working on Friday and Monday. It's odd. The Uni is open though we have no lectures on. Thus we have no Academics at work and no students. It's just the support staff, ready to support people who are not in. On the up side I run the firewall, and I have my laptop so I plan to spend the afternoon grinding motes of water for my Shadoweave epics :)

In other news spring started last week but we are still getting flurys on snow and sleet. Hey it's snowing again right now!


falsedan said...

damn it snowed here again, some of it made it to the ground

first impressions of this post's title: oh man I have a bad hangover from a weekend of drinking multiple cocktails of the sort mentioned in Men at Work's classic hit Land Down Under

vohumanu said...

I've been sucked into Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, which I put many hours into over the weekend. So I can now kind of appreciate what you're talking about. Of course the grind in Oblivion is pretty trivial.