Friday, October 24, 2008

Becstarr : Peer assessments

Busy time at work as marking gets underway for essays and group assignment and people start asking me about how in the LMS to mark, release said marks, offer peer assessment of group members' contribution to projects, give feedback on the unit or on the unit's site, etc.

The peer assessment stuff is big at the moment, which pleases me, because I remember how incredibly frustrating it was to do group work and have no avenue for comeback to freeriders in the group who didn't turn up to a single group meeting or write a line of code (this was in Comp Sci) and still got the same mark as the rest of us. Utterly unfair!

Typically the peer assessment mark is counted for about 5% of the total unit mark. Personally I think it's fairer when it's used to modify the percentage of the group work mark you get.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jen - sad

Found out this morning that one of the loveliest people at work (and a dear friend) passed away last night after an 18m battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 33 and her daughter just turned 2.

Kit is sad about End of the holidays

Coming to the end of my holidays in Nevada/California. Have been playing "just staying ahead" of work colleague in geocaching stakes. There is a lack of internet cafes, but quite a few free wifi spots, mainly around the Casinos (Thanks to Bec's old lifedrive). I guess all that "evilness" is good for something.

Evelyn - How I spent my lunchtime

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dan - back into the routine

Dante's back at school, and his extension classes have started again, so we're back into the weekly busy routine. Work's busy - I'm hiring again, and the next six months look ridiculously busy. On the bright side, I'm planning the family Xmas getaway (to Hawks Nest, maybe, this time).

Poor Jen spent all day ill (see her blog for more details), so the kids and I have been pottering about the house all day, actually having a quite pleasant day. Though Dante might be coming down with the lurgy (complaining of illness this evening; we'll see how he is come morning). Squishy also has a stomach bug, and has been chundering around the house.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

YL -Getting old

Blargh. I am a total fish out of water. I dont understand this country at all! Up side is that I am learning Spanish and I see that they sell little packets of pot at the local bottle show in my fishing village of Horcon!

The romantic idea of spending my birthday in another country is just that - an idea. The reality is a bit different. I am now one year older in a place I cannot comprehend and no amount of Neruda poetry is going to help me now.

Guy - What a relaxing GUGS...

I didn't win even one game, so ner to people who say I always win. :-p