Saturday, October 4, 2008

Dan - busy week

It's school holidays, so we've been shuffling Dante around various activities; on Thursday evening Jen and I went out for dinner and a show (!!!). Yep, we actually got to go out by ourselves! We saw Risky Lunar Love, while Bec looked after the kids (having borrowed Dante for the afternoon for experimental education).

Friday I took the day off, flamboyantly overslept, and Dante and I went to the Olympic Aquatic Centre for a swim.

We spent today kind of exhausted and lethargic.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Evelyn - More Holidaying Goodness

Finally managed to get to the beach - went to Clovelly yesterday for a swim. Then had several meetings - for lunch/coffee/drink/dinner lined up - good day in all. Now spending the next few days with family getting ready for my parents 60th birthday celebrations

Monday, September 29, 2008

Becstarr : Pump-ing Bondi J

Dave got me a 2-week free pass to FitnessFirst so we can train together while it's school holidays. We hit Pump at Bondi Junction on Sunday and despite restricting myself to the lowest of low weights (1.25 per side on all but lunges and shoulders, on which I used only the bar), I am feeling it today. Youch!

Kit has 3.5 Days of work to go..

and then it is 1 day of packing, and 2 million years on the plane and I visit California/Nevada this time.

Postcard call! (addresses via email please)

Anna : All tomorrow's parties ...

Weekend of PARTYING DOWN like Slurms MacKenzie (the original party worm) ...

Friday = End of Term Teacher Sock Hop
Saturday = Say "HELLO!" to Tancred and Evelyn Party
Sunday = Nap-Fest! and some videos with a few friends (stuffed toys count right?)