Saturday, April 26, 2008

Evelyn - weird stasis

Its a bit odd starting a new job in the middle of a site move, when no one has any time to show you anything but its not really appropriate to do nothing.

Friday, April 25, 2008

YL - city lights below

I watched from my plane window as the twisting winding orange lines of lights of Sydney city faded in and out of view as we streamed through crowds. The city is like a living creature spreading its tentacles and pressing ever outwards edges brimming with growth. What a massive city, how daunting the size!

Jaime - Deux ordinateur pour demi heure

Using a computer for half an hour should be fun. Will blog proper when we get to Dusseldorf. Paris was awesome! French keyboqrds suck!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


It has rained so much over the past two weeks, that mushrooms have started sprouting in the paddock.

Becstarr : Sleeping in Spanish

After last night's late game finish, slept in this morning and got to work late, but feeling great! The game has reminded me how great the Gladiator soundtrack is.

Still working hard at Spanish. This morning learnt that a toilet is called "el inodoro"... which is actually quite funny.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Becstarr : Seduced by stats

Discovered a few new reports in FlexSIS today (student records) in the Faculty category. Did you know that Arts has 1001 uos in session 2 this year? I would have guessed more like 600-700.

I highly recommend the FlexSIS reporting portal (FRP - call the FlexSIS guys to arrange access) to anyone trying to plan anything at all at the uni. Hurray for wonderful reports that someone else has set up!

Shoshe - Spring!

This past Thursday the trees decided that it was spring! There are many green little buds, and even some little leaves. And some little flower-ish-things on a tree outside my office that are apparently yummy if you're a squirrel.

Only three and a half weeks to the average last frost date.

Jen - Home sick

Oh how I've longed for a day off at home with no children to look after. It has been a very, very long time since I last did this.

Except that I am sick as a dog (a sick dog) and have spent the better part of the day wallowing in bed.

Stupid catching the tummy bug that the boys had last week. Either that or food poisoning.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Dan - the mountains

Took the lads up to the Blue Mountains for a couple of days - it was awesomely foggy and dismally soggy. The boys had a grand time, though were were all a little cranky today after sharing a room in a B&B in Wentworth falls (Monique's - I recommend it). Everyone managed to wake up everyone else all through the night. Went on the Scenic Railway and all that business. Poor little Atty had slippery shoes on and kept falling on his bum and getting cold and wet. Came home to a Very Ill Jen.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ben - Steam and Steel

Went to an event that was the diametric opposite of the Sustainability festival Bec went to last week. The Maitland Steamfest! There were all sorts of steam trains, tractors and steamrollers and such, as well as old engines running pumps, generators and corn mills. There was smoke and steam everywhere, it was brilliant! There were also stalls, and I bought a bottle of chilli sauce called "The Widow Maker"

falsedan - reeling in ealing

I have migrated from the sainsbury savannahs to the plains of tesco: we have moved from Shepherds Bush to Ealing

1 Waldegrave Road
W5 3HT

Hello internet stalkers! I am poor and a biter and like meeing new people!

I reckon we get about 80% zombie resistance if we collapse the railway bridges to the north and south.

Ealing has a large number of Japanese immigrants and the council flats are done up to look like little Tudor houses.