Sunday, April 20, 2008

falsedan - reeling in ealing

I have migrated from the sainsbury savannahs to the plains of tesco: we have moved from Shepherds Bush to Ealing

1 Waldegrave Road
W5 3HT

Hello internet stalkers! I am poor and a biter and like meeing new people!

I reckon we get about 80% zombie resistance if we collapse the railway bridges to the north and south.

Ealing has a large number of Japanese immigrants and the council flats are done up to look like little Tudor houses.


Jaime said...

Duly noted, expect me to stand outside your place in the bushes. You haven't started wearing clothes again right?

falsedan said...

jaime I welcome internet stalkers not internet preverts

Jaime said...

Pfft, your so picky

falsedan said...

well your a prevent OK

Yen Li said...

massively cool commentry Dan. *chuckle*

More importantly .... is there a pub nearby?

falsedan said...

yenli yes, the nearest pub is next to the tube and is called The Greystoke aka aaaaaAAAAaaAAAAaaaAAAAaaa *thumps chest*

Tancred said...

We used to live in West Ealing. You should head to West Ealing, there is a rather good pub near the station - The Drayton Arms