Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shoshe - Band (and uni)

We've got a band! B's on bass, C's on vocals, Dan (another one)'s lead guitar, and I play the drums. We've got the PR firm, so if we can get 80,000 more fans we can play in Sydney.

The semester started yesterday, so we're not gonna have a chance to "practice" for a while. Unless we head over to C and D's place after our Australia Day party...

PS: Astrophysical Processes scares me :(


falsedan said...

is this a actual real life heavens-to-betsy band or an 'e-band'

shoshe do you have any grants yet, I am reading Daniel J. Bernstein's horror stories from the University of Illinois at Chicago and it makes me glad I don't have to manage any money

shoshe said...

It's a Rockband(TM)!

We just started playing on hard on Sunday. It's on C's XBox 360, and the strumbar feels a bit weird when you're used to the PS2 guitars. You actually get a bit of leg exercise from the drums though.

My funding at the moment is through a TA (teaching assistantship), so I'm teaching instead of getting paid out of a grant. I meant to apply for some this year, but I didn't get my act together in time.