Monday, January 21, 2008

Anna : Must. Deal. With. Stress. Better!

I've been feeling very stressed. Just before holidays my hands broke out in this "bubbling skin thing" which I was getting quite regularly in the final months at SBS. I'm eating more than I should, tried to go without drinking in January and lasted two weeks and today my chest is all tight. I got a book out on managing stress and it suggested :

* Walk to work rather than driving (check)
* Watch what you're eating (uh huh)
* Try to drink less (yeah, that went really well)
* Regular exercise, especially yoga (doing that)

Which leaves :

* Try to breathe deeper throughout the day (it's a good time to do this, office mate is away so I won't get called on what can sound like constant sighing)
* Get a massage (I have still never had a massage, maybe it's time)

Also don't have a full week of work for 3 weeks running due to training, public holidays and SDO's ... that'll help right?


becstarr said...

By all accounts I've heard (many friends and colleagues), Fiona (above the old Ella's on Abercrombie) is a great local practitioner. I'll mail you her details.

If you wanted to get a massage at home, you could try Jo's old masseur Theo - I have his details too somewhere.

Depending on the sort of stress one is feeling, I find baking a cake can be an excellent evening stress reliever. Can't go past banana bread for a beautiful-smelling kitchen!

falsedan said...

anna how is work

the guys here were discussing how hard it is to make the first £500000, and then the rest is breezy


The High Priestess said...

I got the lumpy skin thing because I was absentmindedly scratching when I got stressed. (Also got the rash as a reaction between sunlight & 30+ sunscreen or insect repellant). Aromatherapy (?jetlag formula) spray seems to be working for me now. Taking a non-desk lunchtime walk also helps.

anna said...

Stress remedies for today :

* Rang Fiona the massage lady and left a message
* Ate a muffin bigger than my head
* Did some work standing up

Baked a cake last week and it freaked me out a little bit ... but maybe because the icing was unusual ... also then ate cake for 4 days and now am worried about the tightness of my clothes ... but damn it was good cake.

Yen Li said...

Massages are really good for stress. Go for a full body one and it has to last at least 45min to have good effect. The place in Glebe Natural Therapy (or something) has nice massages.

Alternatively, be nice to Yen Li and I can do a full body for nothing =) *chuckle*

Jen said...

I totally know what you mean about baking as stress relief.

Last week I made a banana cake and scones (eaten with jam and whipped cream, naturally). I've had the cupcake tins out since the beginning of the year, waiting to be used. And made a tonne of biscuits just before Xmas (which I then gave away so I wouldn't eat them all).