Monday, January 21, 2008

falsedan - nah don't get me a kebab

Just saw a dude on the street on the phone, with the tell-tall erratic walk: "yeah I'll be at yours in just a minute … nah don't get me a kebab … nah don't get me a kebab!"

Saw Charlie Wilson's War on Thursday; greyhounds and a cat and Hinds and ludicrous special-effects of Hinds shooting stuff and then getting blown up. I would not have like to see it as part of a TV series, but I'm looking forward to more movies written by West Wing alumni.

Channel Four has a cooking series called The Big Food Fight, involving Jaime oliver, Gordon Ramsey and some other guy called Hugh. Hugh's contribution was running a chicken farm, half free-range and half 'standard' birds, to show living conditions of chickens raised for meat. Jaime did a show which was half dinner gala and half current-affair-type exposé of the poultry industry (including sitting the RSPCA rep next to the poultry farmers' spokesman. Gordon Ramsey had done a 3-hour cookalong >:|


falsedan said...

I am right at this moment watching Jaime's show about how diet & food has changed since the 1950s, he had just wheeled on 5 years worth of steaming poop from a typical Ugandan (500kg) and a UK (150kg) citizen

anna said...

I tried to watch the "autopsy of a fat person" clip but lasted about 5 seconds. Why so little poop in the UK?


falsedan said...

comparing dietary fibre intake

man that dead dude sure was fat! I was browsing the web so I missed a lot of the gory stuff, but caught Gunther's discussion of how high his diaphram was: up at nipple level, leaving little room for lung capacity & heart

bez said...

Some guy called Hugh? Man, don't be disrespecting Fearnley-Whittingstall, creator of the River Cottage Multibird Roast.

falsedan said...

Hugh Faltrer-tl;dr

Yen Li said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Charlie Wilson's War ....... and Golden Compass ..... =)