Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Kit: What would you do?

So it's breakfast time, and you settle down to read a good book with a cup of tea and your toast in the toaster.

It's a pretty good read, so you're totally engrossed in it.

Then you wonder why your toast is taking so long to pop up.

Turn around: and somehow the toast has caught fire, and the toaster is in flames.

Do you
a) stop to take a picture?
b) put the fire out?


Danzilla said...

So where's the photo?

Yen Li said...

I think taking a photo would be more cool than trying to put the fire out. But knowing how panicky I can get ... uh I would probably have tried to put the fire out first. Lol.

Jaime said...

I was hoping for an option C but in its absence I'm with Dan, wheres the gosh darn pic? ;)

falsedan said...

c) post about it on the internet

there you go signore fentonio

The High Priestess said...

Well... it happened to Luke, not to me, and I wasn't there.

When he told me about it, my first response was "oooh, did you take a picture?".

So although the house smells a bit smoky, judging by the fact that my belongings are still intact, I think he chose option (b).