Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Becstarr : Chalk up one more office

Got a seat in Merewether and will now be there most mornings and in Mungo most afternoons. The downside is yet another phone & still more moving. The upside is that I'm finally located in the same building as the key groups I'm supposed to be looking after (Govt & Political Economy). Actually, being close to the gym and Ellas again will be nice, too. :)


The High Priestess said...

'Yet another phone' as in mobile? Or can you do a "follow me" diversion on your main number to whichever extension you hotdesk at?

anna said...

Snap Kit, I was about to suggest putting at least one of the phones on permanent diversion to your moby.

Yen Li said...

Sounds flashy! Do we get a tour?

becstarr said...

Yep, I've decided to deal with all of them by giving out just the one extension number and rerouting that to my personal mobile. They offered me a mobile as well, but I don't want to carry another piece of equipment, so I'm going to see how I go with my current setup.

The thing I do need to put in a work order for (!) is a special diversion so that I get "divert/voicemail on no answer" rather than immediate diversion. That way you can set a number of rings at your desk phone so you can grab it if you're there. Then you can set up a cool chain, too e.g:

Ring at extension for 10sec
then go to mobile
then go to number X
then go to voicemail.

Cool eh?