Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Anna : Teeth

Four wisdom teeth out on Sunday. Good news is I have strong bones, bad news is that meant it was a fight to get the two impacted ones out (apparently usually people's bones have a bit more "give" to them).

Slowly getting better, cheeks still chipmunky, tongue tastes like old sock. Lying around at home watching Drop the Dead Donkey, Dexter and Murder Rooms.


Dave said...

Look on the upside, good bones means high bone density (probably, which is great for later in life) and hopefully you do not have to squirt hydrogen peroxide into you stiches anymore (it should only be in your hair damn it) as it tastes terrible

anna said...

I considered exclaiming "Take that osteoporosis!" but some clamps, needles, suction tubes and a couple of fingers were in the way ;)

Yen Li said...

I love Drop the Dead Donkey!! Do you have that digitally stored? =D

And good bones = good! Wheee =)

I watched an episode of Flight of the Conchords on the plane - funny. That Jermaine guy has such a cute Kiwi accent. Lol.