Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shoshe - Snow

Yesterday+today was the first real snowstorm we've had. We've had snow, but this was the first decent fall -- probably about 20cm or so. Last night was beautiful. Everything was white (including the sky, even though the full moon was a week ago). But the snow removal was much worse than it's been -- the little uni snowplows hadn't been through by the time I left choir practice (about 9:30pm), and they haven't done much salting at all.

In other news, my classmates and I are trying to be good about going to the gym. We call it FAATS: Fabulous Astronomy Athletic Training and Science (we read journal articles so we don't feel like we're wasting time that could be spent studying). If you're a student here, it only costs $145 per year to join the gym (including access to all facilities and classes)! I tried the rowing machine for the first time yesterday -- it hurt a little to breathe today because my lungs and diaphragm are trying to let me inhale, but my abdominal muscles don't think anyone has any business making them move (it feels remotely like having cracked ribs).


falsedan said...

there has been over 120 hours of sunshine this month here in London, this is some kind of record

also reading papers on the running machines? man I have discovered piles of computer graphics papers are available freely on the net and am overjoyed and also stumped by fourier analysis

someone please explain why fourier analysis is the coolest, or is this like asking what's the point of using letters instead of numbers in arithmatic

Danzilla said...

Sweet! I had a plan like this to deal with the Gym being as boring as hell, but I never actually followed through.

And Fourier Analysis is awesome coz it translates from normal space into frequency space. Which is where Bunyips live.

falsedan said...

I 'get' the fourier transform but I don't understand why that is the greatest

I mean transforming image data from colour into frequency and removing the high frequencies and saving that saves space but is kind of "neat trick" territory not :sirens: AWESOME SCIENCE :sirens: :flashing lights: :batman:

man this is because I never did any engineering isn't it